July 26, 2012

Croatia 2012 - July 12th

Darn it! I overslept... again! I was supposed to wake up around 6am so I could go wake up my friends that were heading back to Denmark today, but even though I set like 4-5 alarms on my phone to wake me up it didn't work -.- Okay okay... I DID go to sleep around 3am but.. I still should be able to wake up myself.. Instead I woke up 8.30 or something - My friends left 7am =_____= And I didn't hug them yesterday when I went home because I knew I'd come wake them up. Well.. one of them said himself that we should meet up since their city isn't far from ours.. and he wanted it to be during this break. Still hope! :P Hahahah

Both them and Emily left today. I still know a couple of people here but it’s just not the same :/ My siblings were playing with Emily’s cousin and younger brother so they’ve been bored today. Actually… all we’ve been doing was hanging around here and complaining.. therefore we changed our plans. Instead of staying until Sunday we’ll go home the day after tomorrow and there will be no salt caves for me :/ Maybe next time..

Tonight I’ll go out with my friends here and try not to get home too late.. or maybe I should. Sitting in a car with my siblings can be pretty tough.. I’d rather just sleep but it’s impossible with them being so noisy -.- 

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