July 28, 2012

Croatia 2012 - July 13th

BAMBAMBAAAAAAAAM!!!!! Today is Friday 13th!!!! O_____________O

This is it. Today we were going home. I woke up … Honestly I was too tired to look at my watch -.- Well.. It was a strange feeling to go outside with the tent gone. So bright O___O

We had our first stop behind these trees at “Pizzeria Aquarius” around 2pm.
Too bad it’s hidden because it was a really nice place with a relaxing atmosphere. There was a fireplace outside and a nice view to a lot of flowers + that the waitress was super nice and smiling. Such a welcoming place. We had pizza and french fries - I have never had such french fries. They were homemade and had just about the right amount of salt. They were perfect and soooo crunchy!             

The pizzas were huge! Loads of cheese but still not so much that it gets too much. The bottom was steady (in a good way! I hate those gummy pizzas) and soooo delicious.      
       (Noticed the paper flower? Hahah I ALWAYS leave those after eating out! It's like.. "Lucy was here!") 

We were too full to eat it all so the waitress gave us a box that we could put in it and bring with us - Later we had this for our dinner.
-Take my advice! If you either live there or will go to Croatia do NOT just drive by. This is a place that you HAVE  to try so spend some time there and go enjoy yourself and the atmosphere there :) 

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