July 18, 2012

Croatia 2012 - July 3rd

This morning Emily and I went to the information to buy internet - which SUCKS. Then my dad drove us to the city we’re staying in which is called Provinj. At first we had a drink.
We spent all day shopping there. It was really hot and no matter where we went people would stare at us. Every 10th minute I’d hear Emily say “Wow.. you’re getting checked  out”. Even when having our first drink there were guys just a few tables away staring and smiling… There was also a small and super aggressive dog following us and barking like crazy.
The streets were narrow and there were little entries for the shops everywhere.        
                                                                                                                                                                                     If there were no costumers you’d see the shop owners sit outside talking with each others. There was such a relaxed atmosphere, it was really nice. The people would stand outside the restaurants and tell you welcome and everybody would smile at you. There was a minus though - Every time we entered a shop, the owners would constantly follow us or be looking at us. I didn't like the feeling that somebody was constantly keeping an eye on me. Other than that it’s a nice place and if you’re going to Croatia you should definitely go to Rovinj - And remember tips! You have to leave some tips for the waiters!

(This is what I got: a dress which is really really cute, a new mascara that I was in a huge need of and two make-up brushes; one for foundation and an angle brush that I’ve wanted for a LONG time)
We ended our day by eating at a restaurant near the water. Here we bought pizzas!  

These are the coins they use here - Kune and Lipas. There are little fish, birds, and plants on them :P The currency is pretty much the same as what I’m used to and that made it soooooo much easier to shop. 
Ah I almost forgot this. There was a shop where you could mix your own perfume. In the windows they had some others that we think they mixed themselves. Look at #28. Dang I want that one haha. 

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