July 19, 2012

Croatia 2012 - July 4th

                                                                                                                                                                   (Look at this pic from yesterday. It seems brighter here so you can’t see that it’s actually evening and the sun looking thing is the moon. It was huge! So beautiful <3)

I swear the birds here are cursed or something. I was just hanging around when a bird came near me and it sneezed. So cute <3 But then there are these huge seagulls that can cry like little babies, laugh, etc. When I was on my way home from the toilet building I heard somebody yell AUCH! I looked around but no one was there, then I saw this seagull and I kept an eye on it. It kept yelling auch, I swear I thought it was a real person o__O Not just do they act pretty strange, I was sitting inside when I heard a lot of bird noises and suddenly my mom yelled. Our German neighbors had a small bird visiting to get some food when this HUGE seagull suddenly attacked it. The woman in there stood up (maybe to scare it away?) and then that huge seagull suddenly grabbed that small bird in its mouth and flew away! D:
Today Emily went to the market with her family. There isn’t much to do here without her… I’m too lazy to go to the pool, besides it’s way too hot there. I ended up hanging in our tent and drawing all day. I finished one and I hate saying it but I’m pretty proud of it.

- Emily came home late, around 9pm. She told me about this beautiful dress she had tried and what she had seen. She also bought internet for her phone since the internet here at the campus sucks.
(Btw, happy 4th of July!)

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