July 19, 2012

Croatia 2012 - July 5th

Ugh, today is so hot! The weather is super humid it’s like.. when you touch stuff it’s like your skin sticks to it. I can’t even..  But thanks to Emily’s phone with net we could see the weather forecast. It seems we’ll have some thunder around 1pm. That should clear up the weather and make it less humid - I’m looking forward to that.
   Btw… Aaawh look at us :3 We took this yesterday on our way home from the reception~

[EDIT:] I went to buy internet for my own phone. Emily had run out of hers so she went with us. When we came home this strange guy was standing on our lot. My mom told me that he was from our own country (since it’s a campus you will meet people from all around the world) he told us that he and his sister were looking for other people from their country and that they already knew a bunch. Emily and I were supposed to have a wellness night but instead we went with that guy (named Phillip) to meet the others.  We went to the pool area to hang out. One of the guys was really nice but the rest seemed.. well not our types :/ We ended up going home earlier and just get some extra sleep.
The bad weather never came, nor today. Now they say that it will come Thursday night.. I really hope so. 

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