July 20, 2012

Croatia 2012 - July 7th

I woke up at 8am and took a quick shower. Today I was going shopping with Emily’s family in some other city named Rijeka. We made a car for the men and one for the girls. We drove for .. well actually a while and we had to get through something that looked like a border (it wasn't though). They had an air-condition in the car so when I got back outside it was like entering an oven. It was crazy! > < There were no people and it looked pretty much abandoned..     
                                                                                                                                                See? And then there was carton everywhere.. broken windows and everything. It kinda reminded me of some old Western movie. 

                                                                                                                                                                        This is the main road in which you could find the boutiques.
At first we went to McDonalds to have some food before we could start the shopping for real. We were sitting outside because it was WAY too hot inside.. too many people! Emily and I had a table beside her mom and aunt. We were talking when some little girl (she was around 6 or something) came over and said something to us in her own language. We didn’t understand the words but he saw her hands - She wanted food. Emily’s mom got her away but I felt so mean that I couldn’t give her anything in time T___T Poor little girl…
We went to a few shops before we found a mall with 4 floors! Outside there was a couple of sign with names of the different stores you could find inside the mall. Emily’s mom told us that there were around 70~ Emily and I could go alone and we spent a LONG time in one of the shops.. actually so long that we didn’t have time to check out the other floors :/ They had soooo much nice clothes- Emily found some shirts and 2-3 dresses while I found these:   
                                                                                                                                                                    (I took this picture around midnight.. I’m sorry for the bad quality)

After our shopping we drove off for another city - Opatija. Apparently this is where all the rich and famous people came a hundred years ago and you could see that. The hotels there were very different from those in Rovinj and Rijeka. We had to get by a small park - It was beautiful! So many flowers and trees *-* In the park there was a long wall with graffiti or paint on it - They had made a lot of famous people. I found Einstein :P                                                                                                                                                                   

We found a restaurant there - It was close to the water and we could view it from where we ate. While eating we suddenly heard a lot of car noise - Somebody was getting married! There were maybe 20-25 cars, all using their horns non-stop. They drove through the streets with a bunch of people walking after the cars. It’s fun to see traditions in other countries like this one~
We had some candyfloss and suddenly two guys sat down on a bench with their guitars and started playing. It sounded pretty good actually and they were playing several known songs such as Avicii’s Levels, Gotoye’s Somebody that I used to know, etc. :P
When we got back to the car we saw that the coming couple had parked right beside us :OO 

Driving in the mountains was another way we could get home. Emily’s aunt likes to take pictures and she wanted some of the view. We made several stops while driving so we could get out of the car and enjoy the view~ First time we got out of the car, we were standing on a cliff from where we could see the beach and somebody’s clothes down the hill o.O       

We also stopped to see a power plant  
We were home around 10.20pm - What a long day!

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