July 22, 2012

Croatia 2012 - July 8th

My body.. I can’t remember last time it was this heavy when I woke up. I woke up around 10am (or something like that) but I was still really tired so I “woke up” around 11am. I had some bread and some pancakes for “lunchfast” :P              
                                                                                                                                                                        With this super yummy chocolate sauce on them~
Then I went to Emily’s place but we were both too lazy to do anything. At 3pm my family met up with hers - we were going to the beach by the end of the campus. My family, Emily’s family, Emily’s uncle’s family, Emily’s uncle’s friends, and Emily’s uncle’s sister’s family (holy cow) had rent a boat. Usually it’s for more people but we had got a special offer so it was just us (21 people).
                                                                                                                                                                                 (As you see the weather was great! The grass was pretty much dead caused by the heat but the water was crystal blue)
                                                                                                                                                                                Here is the boat. I didn’t get to take more pictures as I was afraid I’d accidently get my phone wet. Emily’s aunt Lene had brought her camera which is way more professional than mine and she took a huge bunch of pictures as I will put up here as soon as I get them.
We got on the boat and took off. We had rent the boat for 6 hours so there would be a lot of time for us to enjoy the trip. I had feared this - not because I’m afraid of sailing (or the fact that I can’t swim) but because I’d be stuck somewhere with my family for that long. Being around my family constantly can be pretty tough but.. I had Emily around me <3 As we were sailing we passed two nudist campuses. The kids on the boat freaked out when they saw the first few people and started yelling like crazy. After that came laughter…  A speedboat passed us. Emily and I waved.. you know.. just for fun, but the guys on the boat took it as flirting I think.. I don’t know! Something like that. So yeah.. they sailed around our boat to you know “show off” before they left again waving.                                                                                                                           We had been sailing for..  I don’t know, when we found a shore. It was surrounded by cliffs and there was a cave too. There were a lot of stairs that led up to the cave. Up there was a bar and a lot of pirate stuff. It was awesome! They were playing loud summer songs and you could get into that cave to take pics. Emily’s mom bought us a Sex on the beach - Now I usually don’t drink but I felt like I couldn’t say no. It wasn’t that bad actually but my favorite part was the red stuff in the bottom - yum :) Once in a while you’d also hear a cannon shooting.
We were now in the Limfjord. We shipped out once again to get to the other side of it. The captain was cooking for us while we got into the water. My dad told me the water was filled with salt, it would keep us floating and it sure did. The men and some of the kids went upstairs to jump off the roof while my mom had a LOT of troubles just getting in. Emily’s mom gave her a peptalk and surprisingly she got in. She quickly went to my dad but she kept him underwater. My dad took some life guard course when he was younger so he knew what to do - Whew.. I don’t even want to think of what would have happened if it wasn’t because he knew what to do…
There was some meat, some bread, some vegetables, and some fish for our dinner. We think that the captain had caught the sardines when we had been up there in the cave. They were cooked with heads and tails and.. ugh even eyes. EEEW!! Heck no I didn’t want to eat that… I can’t eat something after having eye contact with it O_O
We went ashore - This time we were on our way home and we were supposed to watch dolphins. The dolphins decided not to show up so instead we took yet a break with swimming. I had to shake my head when Emily told me there was a depth of 40-50 meters.
We saw many boats on our way - speedboats too. Emily and I were sitting in our bikinis at the end of the boat with our legs hanging outside. Now we were going home. Once again we saw a speedboat with 3 young men passing us. We waved to them while laughing and they waved back. They made a total O-turn just to wave to us once again and just as Emily burst into laughter they sent us flying kisses. It was a funny feeling~ Our parents (who were drunk.. or at least the men were) started blabbering about that “It’s THAT kind of guy you should get! Those ones with nice boats!” .. No.. I can’t even… Man they were having fun -.-
We got home around 9pm I think. Emily and I took a quick bath before we went to the internet point at the reception - Emily wanted to Skype with a friend~ On our way up there there was a guy who ran in front of us and just started dancing o.O We just smiled at him and went away. The net was pretty sucky (as always here =___=) so we decided to go back home. When we were about to leave that strange guy came up to us again and started dancing. This time we stopped and said “hi!” in our language and it turned out that the guy was Philip (That guy who had come to our lot 2 days ago). He was really surprised to see us and his group of friends quickly called us over. They made space for us around the table - In the beginning it was kinda awkward. There were 2 new girls too and they were all focusing on them. The silent guy (the only one we hadn’t talked to yet) tried asking me some questions (I think he wanted us to .. well participate in the conversations) but we gave short answers as the others went silent when it was “our turn” to talk. We left the reception and went to the Volleyball place’thingie… There were people playing and we felt like playing too. They left and we started playing - some of us just sat down to watch it. As we went home we got to talk to the silent guy again - He’s actually REALLY really nice :) He asked if we had plans tomorrow and since none of us did, we decided to hang out tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes :)

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