July 24, 2012

Croatia 2012 - July 9th

Dear Diary..
Eeew hahah my blog is starting to sound like a diary - it’s not! But I like telling what I’ve been doing. This way I can always look back and be like “Oooh I remember back then in Croatia when I did this and this blablabla” :P Also, a bunch of my friends wanted me to tell them EVERYTHING when I got home but I’m afraid I’ll just forget it so I better write it down now while I still do.
As planned we ended up hanging out with that group of people. Emily and I went to the pool where we met some of them - By accident actually. They were with a girl who gave us the meanest look. She had been hanging out with them before they met us and the other girls and now she’s mad. The silent guy told me that he think it’s because she doesn’t get all the attention now that she isn’t the only girl anymore. Well fine.. if she wants that to ruin her vacation then it’s her choice. We got hungry and left the pool area. When we came back the others were there too - also the two new girls who happened to be extremely nice :) We were “playing around” for a little time when suddenly the guys then thought it’d be fun to have us (all of the girls) sitting on their shoulders. While the guys were holding us we then “fought” by trying to push off the other girls- It was SO much fun haha :D After some rounds of our “chicken fight” (I think that’s what they call it) we stopped and went down the beach to play volley. The sand there was way too hot there to play on so we went to the other volley area - Same here. Now the silent guy got a new idea.. Let’s rent a boat and sail to that small island out there!      
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Le island~

We went back to our own lots to change clothes and get some money, then we met up at Philip’s place and went down the beach together. (That girl who gave us that mean look didn’t go pfff.. I guess we were too many girls). Anyways! We were now 12 people back and we rent 2 boats with pedals. They also had a slide :P There was a problem though - We were only allowed to be 4 on each boat so we told the people there that the silent guy, his brother, and one more guy would swim. Later, when we were out the sea, they jumped on the boats. On that island there was a house - Actually I thought there were people living there but nope. We took a quick look inside before we got off the island and sailed out. We stopped the boats and swam around instead. The guys jumped off the boats and made all those trick and tried to get as many of us wet as they could.. The silent guy’s brother had jumped off but got on our boat where after he grabbed my legs and tried to throw me down the slide backwards and with my head first.. It didn’t work though as I was stronger than he expected :P After a tough fight he finally won and I fell into the water -.- It was crystal clear though and had a really nice temperature~~  None of us had brought a watch, nor our phones and we had only rent the boats for an hour, so we went back to the beach. It turned out that we had only been out there for half an hour but it was okay since some of them had to be home at 5pm.
We are going to meet at Pauline’s place (Phillips sister) after dinner - Who knows what we’ll be doing tonight?

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