July 15, 2012

Croatia 2012 - June 29th

*Sigh* Where should I start?
The first country we had to drive through was Germany and HOLY COW that is a freaking huge country. Yeah I knew that already. I drive through Germany every year but this year it was a little different.                          We started out shopping. Soda is pretty cheap in Germany, candy too. Therefore our first stop was in Flensburg. We went to Scandinavian Park, a huge supermarket.
(As you can see the weather was pretty bad; Rainy, cold and .. rainy)          
Some places they had parted the candy into countries. Swedish and Danish stuff here :P 

In the back they had this gigantic room FILLED with soda, beer, ice tea, etc.   
  I also found this thing pretty cool. I got pretty concerned HOW big the insects there might be. I mean.. it has to be a pretty damn huge fly (or spider) if you need THIS to kill it.      

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