July 15, 2012

Croatia 2012 - June 30th

Usually we take a break during night and find somewhere to sleep near the highway. And so we did. The next day we woke up pretty early. I think we started driving again around 9-10am maybe? We were already a little too late. Back in my own country we had had problems with the light on the car. Anyways, at 11.40am (Yes, I have a lot of time when there’s no internet and I’m trapped in a car with my family) our car made some strange sound. It sounded like there was a problem with one of the wheels but we couldn’t see anything so we continued… Or that’s what we thought. Suddenly it was like our car had no strength back to pull the camper or whatever it’s called. We quickly found a “Rastplatz“  as they call it. (Some place near the highway in which you can take a break and maybe get some food). We called SOS and they told us they’d be there in 1-2 hours. We also called Ford (you know the car company) and they told us that, if needed, we could lend a car the same day so we wouldn’t just be stuck there.                                                    
It was sooooooo hot there and barely any shadow’y places so my brother and I found some large stones to “play on”.                                                           (What a nice place to be stuck for 3 hours right?)
After 2 hours we called SOS, they still hadn’t been there to fetch us. They told us they had problems finding us =____= And you know the worst part? There were SO many people there that had just been staring at us ALL the time and not just one of them had asked if we needed help. Thank you very much!  More than 3 hours later they finally came. We got on a trunk and drove to a Ford store-thingie about 20 min. away. 

They closed like 2 hours before we got there so they couldn’t fix our car before Monday. We were now in Homberg; A pretty small town in Germany somewhere faaaar from… pretty much everything. There was a McDonald there though. We had our dinner there. Around 5pm the lady from Ford called us - They could lend us a car… TOMORROW at 8am -.-“ DARN IT! Now where were we supposed to sleep? She told us we should find a hotel there and that they would pay for the stay overnight. All we had was a GPS and it told us there was a hotel  900 m away. It just couldn’t tell us where to find it -.- We wandered back and forth for I-don’t-know-how-long. We saw some hotel’ish looking buildings up on a hill. My mom was pissed and kept complaining. Therefore I told my dad I’d go there to check it out. I should never have said that. It was a freaking huge hill. When I finally came to the top I couldn’t get close enough to the building. Some old lady came over and asked me something in German. Yes I speak a little German but I prefer English. After asking her twice in English if there was a hotel nearby I gave up and asked in German. No. Then I ran back down that hill as fast as I could. My dad had asked some others and they gave us a direction. UP! Yet a hill. My mom.. words can’t explain how mad she was. After a LONG walk we found it; Burghotel. Did they have space for us? NO! My mom FREAKED!         

With nowhere to sleep my dad and I decided that we should sleep in the camper - I’ll just stop talking about my mom now. (If eyes could kill I would have been killed twice just to be brought back to life so she could torture me to death once again).  Our camper was placed right in front of the Ford store…       

 We bought some milkshakes to cool down my mom - My siblings too, and then we sat down outside Ford like some gypsy family. Later (around midnight maybe?) the police came and asked what we were doing. They drove away laughing when my dad told them that our car had broke down and that we had been left there.


  1. looks like you had an interesting experiance haha!
    btw i love your blog & followed! do you think you could give me some tips on my blog and maybe follow? would love my blog to be as good as yours :)x

  2. Haha I sure did! It turned out far from planned but I guess that's what makes it all more fun :)

    I'm SO glad you like my blog :)I never thought my blog could reach out to others than people near me~ Thank you xx

    I just glanced at your blog and I sure will follow :D It'll be nice to know what to wear for once :)
    I'm new when it comes to blogging but what I do is that I use humor and try to "reach out" to my readers, but it looks like your blog is doing great already :D Keep blogging!