July 18, 2012

What a great day!

I had a great day!

Yesterday evening my friend Mette called me and asked me to go to the city middle to buy a birthday present for her little brother - Actually I needed to go there but I had just been too lazy..

I've had such strange good luck today - It's almost too good to be true :)
I went to the bus stop but found out it was the wrong one (they recently changed the bus plans and this was my first time following the new ones). At the first bus stop I found this 4-leaf clover (Yay luck!)

Then I went to the other bus stop, sadly I had missed the bus I was supposed to take so I had to wait 20 min. It was starting to rain and I had just straightened my hair (which I NEVER do) so I was like "DON'T YOU DARE TO MAKE MY HAIR FUZZY, RAIN!!!". I sat down on the ground and took off my jacket and covered my head - HAH! Rain 0 - Lucy 1! I spent the time taking pictures... ahem

And I realized.. My pupils were extremely tiny! I've never seem them so small .____. 
 (Don't mind my HUGE eyebags, I never get enough sleep during breaks)

Kay anyways! I went to the city and found EXACTLY what I was searching for! So lucky ^^! My friend Mette was wearing exactly those pants I had hoped (I just bought new pants in a mint-green colour and I thought it'd be EPIC if she wore her pink pants - and she did!
We found some old LPs for her brother and later we had "Summershakes" at McDonald's (Since there was just 15 degrees here we HED to give it a try.. I mean, who knows if they'd work?)

While on our way to the last boutique I got a call - A call that I had never thought I'd get! It was a woman from that TV show calling me. She said that in this week just she had received more than 2500 submissions and that there were only few spaces back for the lucky women that could be in that TV show - Aaaaand she thought that it'd make a great story to have my mom participating in their program. She praised me because I had submitted in my moms place when I told her that it should be a surprise. She told me that I should go home and talk to my mom and then we should call back tomorrow and tell her if my mom wanted to be in that show or not. Now I just had to tell my mom.. she's always negative when it comes to changes BUT today I had luck with me (Thank you 4-leaf clover!) and she seemed very interested! She was surprised when I told her what I had written about her and yeah.. she was very touched. Tomorrow we will call them, she wanted me to stand beside her when she did - I'm looking forward to what will happen now :P I will update as soon as I know more!

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