July 20, 2012

My latest project~

 Yay! My latest project is finished!
"What IS your latest project?" You might ask. The answer is.... a shirt! Actually not one but 2!!!
Yesterday I went to the doctor to get my last vaccine against Hepatitis A and B (AUCH!) and after that I went to a boutique called Ginatricot and bought two white oversized t-shirts with some blondes on the back, then I bought some paint - Not normal paint, this is made for clothes. (Note that the tusch is also made for drawing on clothes - Normal tusch shouldn't work.
And here's the result - 2 wonderful shirts with the Korean flag. (Taegeukgi/Taegukgi/태극기)

  Since it's oversized I thought it'd also be nice with a little knot on the side to make it a little smaller~ 

The other one will be given to my best friend. I really hope she will appreciate my hard work <3 

My little brother and Emily's cousin is in the cinema watching Batman- When my dad will go pick them up I will ask him to put this on her doorstep as she lives near the cinema. AAaah I'm so excited! :D

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