July 20, 2012



I just got 2 phone calls! One was pretty terrifying-

Yesterday my mom and I were supposed to call that woman from the TV show - We called her 3 times but it kept saying that no one was there. Then Like... 10 minutes ago that woman called back and my mom talked to her! They wanted to see her at a casting on August 16th! More than 3000 women had applied for this within a week and only 35 made it to the casting. She told my mom that they had only one space back and that she should have it. They wanted to give her this chance because they had heard her story (that I had told them) and they though "She deserves it".
Suddenly I heard my mom started talking about me and when she hung up she told me that those people on the show had talked about letting both of us in since I had been such a huge part of it all and because I had been through all that stuff with my mom. I WISH I could, I REALLY WISH but... I probably won't be in Denmark at that time- *sigh*
At least my mom can go and she was soooooo happy when they called her! C'mon mom, I know you can do it!

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