July 17, 2012

Quick quick and super unneeded update!

Hi guys :D
I'm sorry but I really felt like taking a break from telling about my vacation - and tell about stuff that happened these few days (ahem 2) that I've been home :P

1. I'm DANCING! Weeeeee!!!! Don't you just love exclamation marks?!?!?!? !!!!!! hahaha

IMG 5656
Remember my earlier posts about that I went to SVS Con? And that I told how many people were taking pics of me and they wanted hugs and blah? Yeah, two of my friends sent me a link to this page and there's a picture of me :OO I felt like a celebrity hahah, especially because I had NO IDEA that they took this. I mean... they asked me to have pictures taken but this is like.. PAPARAZZI ATTACK!!
Look :OO (click meeeeee) I look pretty creepy I think... oh and THIS (<--- click it!)... Here's my friend's nose and my other friend's hat o.O If you have time you should look through the otehr pictures by clicking the "previous" button - There are some EPIC faces I tell you :P There are more of my friends there - Look for a tanned girl in a Jack the Reaper costume!

3. Today I cleaned my room (No... no I hate cleaning. Be proud!!) aaaand I sorted out in my wardrobe :P I found a bunch of clothes that didn't fit anymore so firstly I asked my sister to try it - Tomorrow I will go to the nearest container to donate it to little kids in Africa. It's summer and time to get some new clothes! Don't just throw the old away - Give it to people that are in need :) It's a great feeling knowing that you're helping others and it gives more space for your new summer look :D

4. Today while watching Batman (Heck yeah!!) a commercial came on. It was about some sow about two Australian (or English, I'm not really sure) that travel around the world to give people a make-over and I was like ":OOOOO MY MOM SHOULD GET THAT!!!!" Well not that anything's wrong with her style... Wearing long black dresses every day is completely normal... But yeah I signed up for the auditions that will be held in August/September - Using my moms name! MWHAHAHAH!!! I wrote her story in the description and now I'm waiting for answers - I really hope they'll give her the chance.  My mom doesn't have my blog and even though I've been acting really suspicious she doesn't get a hint :P Therefore my beloved readers - SHHHHH!!!! This is our secret :D I will update as soon as I know anything!

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