July 28, 2012

Randers, Picnic, and Justin Bieber

I will be the new... NEVER!

Hahahahhaha. Sorry... I just couldn't help it. This is way too awesome

Look! Yesterday I was listening to this song and I was looking at the comments - There was one person telling about a dead family member and others were like "Cry, it might make you feel better". Of course there were those hateful comments about how people should just shut up and act like real men so I thought I'd leave a comment too and when I came back today (by accident actually) I saw that it was already the top comment. I felt so wise~
Oh and look at comment #2! I personally loved that :J

So I went to visit my family in Randers yet again (Monday-Tuesday) since next time we'll meet up with them I won't be around. I went there alone with my grandparents and stayed there for one night.

(Having lunchfast)
They were dog-sitting this little cutie named Lucky.. here she's lying under the table beside my feet.

My family owns a company named aida. We went to see their factory.. it was FREAKING HUGE I tell you. 

Bubble bubble pop pop bubble bubblepop! 
Wednesday I went on a picnic with my friend Sushi! :D 
She had been on an island called Fanø the last few days with our friend Maria and they had been making dresses. She wanted to show me so we decided to wear dresses - She brought cool aid and something to sit on while I brought umbrellas (So we could hide from as the vampires we are) and something sweet.
It was REALLY hot (Okay yes .. 27 degrees IS hot if you're from my country!
The warm weather caused a lot of insects whiiiich lead to a LOT of seagulls - Sushi doesn't like birds and I'm usually her private scarecrow but not that day. While she was hiding under the umbrella I had fun taking pics and telling her how they'd constantly get ready to attack her.

And I'm sorry that I didn't put up any pictures of myself but... I was the only one playing with the camera and I SUCK at taking pictures of myself =____=

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