July 24, 2012

Sometimes all we need is just a hug..

So I was having ... not the best time. My friend is.. yeah he told me something that brought me down a little and.. I've tried to tell him how much it scares me and how much I care for him but he doesn't seem to understand.. It's his choice though and now it seems the only thing I can do is to support him :/
 Other than that I got yet a mail about my high school stay in the US. They've experienced some problems lately and I don't know.. with this mail I'm starting to lose hope :/

Then I was sitting on Facebook.. I had had a long and tiring day and was in my emo mood -.- When I'm in a bad mood it pretty much affects everybody near me too.. It's like an evil aura O_O My really really really good friend suddenly chatted me in my being-emo-and-doing-nothing and.. Well I didn't even tell him about my bad mood .. it's like he already knew. Since we weren't hanging out - just chatting, he was like: "-hugs- you are still amazing"

You saved my day you know..  Sometimes.. All we need is a hug
Don't ever take friends for granted. When you're standing on the bottom of the deepest hole and just can't get up they will always be there up top of that hole, waiting for you with ropes in their hands and a smile on their face~ 

My friend went off and I figured I'd have to do something.. or else I'd get back in that bad mood again. I went on 9gag (don't judge me!) and saw a this post:

I don't know exactly WHAT stars do to me but they sure are a weakness of mine and I HAD to figure out how to make them - I found a tutorial HERE. It's part into 5 steps but if you're lazy like me you can just start by looking at step 4 and then follow the video in step 5 which can be watched here:

Or in case it doesn't work you can find it RIGHT HERE.
I started out by making 3 and at the 3rd I had finally mastered it!
(My first one looks soooo retarded...)

Have fun making these cute little stars and try to use a lot of different coloured paper to get that stardusty effect, but beware! It's super addictive! 
~Good luck~ 

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