August 28, 2012

Love advice


Can make you feel like you're in Heaven. Like you're flying on a pink fluffy sky. Like you can do absolutely ANYTHING...

Or it can completely screw up a person. 

You know we all have that one single friend that we always ask for advice when it comes to love, right?
Yes, yes I'm one of those.
And you know what? I'm fine. I'm totally FINE!!!!
(No actually I am :P ).

I mean sure it sounds nice to have that one special person you can always hang out with and do cute stuff with and all and have those "Aaaaawh" moments with but don't just look for love =____=

"Don't look for love don't look for loooove, caus' love will look for youuu~ lalalala"  
Whenever  I tell people that I always hear this song playing inside my head.

It's true though!
Love doesn't work like that. Love isn't just something you can find so don't look for it!
"The moment you stop looking for love, love will eventually find you"

Oh and have you ever heard the saying: "Love makes blind"?
It sure does.
Loving another person can make you think they're perfect. That they are the most wonderful person in the world and that they do nothing wrong. That they will never hurt you, and lastly that you will never be able to live without them.
You HAVE to remember that we are only humans and that no one is perfect. If your beloved one hurts you or do you wrong, let them know! Of course you shouldn't scold them out of the blue but if you don't tell them how much it hurts you, there is a great chance they will do it again.

Often I read statuses on Facebook or have friends messaging me and asking what to do when their bf/gf did this and this.. I hear about people who go break up because their partner cheated on them but then go back because they think they cannot live without them. 
I only have one thing to say... MAN UP! or woman up o.O 

If your girl/guy cheated on you = DO NOT GO BACK!
- They broke your trust and you can never know if they will do it again. They're most likely to do it again and you will end up being hurt. Spare yourself the pain and just let go of them. You can and WILL find better. You DESERVE better.

If someone who once loved you have moved on = LET THEM GO!
- Don't waste time. If people have moved on, they have moved on. You can't change other peoples' feelings towards you. They have their own thoughts about you and you just have to live with it.

If you really like someone = TELL THEM!
- The worst thing that could happen are them telling you they're not feeling the same way about you. (I know that's way harder than it sounds). On the other hand they may like you thought and if you don't tell them they might think they have no chance with you.. and move on. Then it'll be too late for you! Remember that it takes minutes to regret confessing but forever to regret letting go of a chance. (But if you don't know them very well then DON'T just approach them telling "I love you"! It's creepy! It's dumb! And will never be accepted - Seriously). Saying people are cute is okay of course but don't just "I love you" random people.

If you use the term "forever alone" about yourself = STOP IT!
(Unless it's in a joking manner but not everyone will get a joke, remember that).
- Honestly it sounds like you're longing for compassion. A lot of people are singles and still alive - Sop feeling bad for yourself and get moving!

So if you happen to be single, don't just go try to find your other half at the nearest McDonald's. Look at the positive sides of being single and enjoy it, it might be over sooner than you expect. Do what you like and be good to yourself. Just be yourself and be HAPPY about it! :D Good self-esteem often attracts people and if you don't love yourself you sure can't expect others to do so either.

August 27, 2012

See you AK~

Yesterday I went to visit one of my best friends Ann-Kathrine (or AK/Anki as I call her) as she would be flying back to Qatar the same night. Now since I'll go to America and study we won't get to see each others before summer next year. We had only been hanging out once this summer and then she was at my party so when I came home from visiting her I had a great feeling :)
When I think of it I can still feel her hug and I'll treasure that feeling until the next time I see her <3

(Oh such a sexy girl!)

Btw here is the striper (or art liner) I was talking about :)

August 26, 2012

Maria's birthday party

I love being home alone <3 
Don't you too? You can eat what you want, when you want and WHERE you want! Plus you can jump around in the couch or dance.. or sing (c'mon we've ALL done that) or do like me! Conquering the dinner table with my sexy pyjamas at 2pm. Because I CAN! 

Sadly I couldn't walk around like this all day and enjoy that I was finally alone - I was going to my friend Balslev's birthday party at 6pm. 
We were 10 girls and we had the livingroom for ourselves. We had a lot of salat, bread, and lasagnette that her mom had made. For dessert we had cake, a big one! with strawberries, vanilla creme, and strawberries and raspberries on top. Now usually I would take LOADS of pictures but my phone was almost out of battery so I only got a few :/
(I'm not a big fan of raspberries so I like.. didn't like the cake but my friends INSISTED in me having a piece. So there I sat and looked down at it while the others had theirs...)

Balslev has two dogs (and two hamsters. The ones I was hamster siting some weeks ago) and they are soooo freaking cute! She explained to me once which kind of breed they were but I've forgot now. They remind me of a super fluffy chihuahua though.. soooo cute! 

 (Monika sitting with Nikolai)
(While I was siting with Sasha)
Hahahha okay my face failed but I was trying to do a "We've been expecting you"-scene. Sadly I think the camera was a little to slow to catch the evilness in it but hey.. still a great pic! Look at that fluffy little ball of happiness sitting on me! :3  

Yeah yeah I know.. My post today is pretty boring.. actually a couple of my latest posts have been boring but that's how it is waiting :/ I'm running out of strange things to do. Actually... 2 days ago my dad came home from work and said that my papers were now on their way form the US. When I get those papers I can start applying for a visa (AGAIN) =_______= 

August 22, 2012

Got my hope back~

So for the past few days I've been staying at home.

Saturday I held a party for my friends as you can read. Sunday morning my little brother went to the bathroom and opened to window to check on my cute little white ball of fluffyness (aka Snoowey my bunny) but he didn't move as usually. My mom got quite concerned and we decided to let him out in his garden-cage.
He wouldn't eat, drink, play, or lie with me as usual. He was so cold and didn't want to move. Just lie there so of course I got quite concerned too, especially because I'm the one who spends the most time with him. Usually when I get near the garden-cage he will run around like crazy.. No seriously. LOOK!

Okay it's usually worse than this but I hope you get the point.

So he was just lying there and I couldn't even get him out of the cage :O I demanded (Yeah I actually did o.O) my parents to call the vet and 10 minutes after my dad and I drove off - Snoowey lying half dead on my tummy. The vet said it might have been poisoning (the heck?) or an infection which is pretty common for rabbits. Anyways, he got a vaccine with something in it.. I don't remember the name but it's also being used on humans. And then we got some medicine with fibers in because i seemed to the vet that he hadn't been eating for days :/ We have to him thrice a day and it's harder than it sounds because he's so damn stubborn -.- He keep kicking or fleeing or running... or spitting it out -

Snoowey is doing way better now and yesterday he was lying down with me and the rest of my family and watched soccer :) Now again.. I usually NEVER give up but this time I was quite afraid.. Especially because the past 3 times at the vet has meant death for my little pets :( So I guess this must be my little Guardian Angel watching over me and I'm so thankful for that, THANK YOU! <3

And then a picture I took Friday before all this mess~

Aaaw he was so cuuuuute. I was lying on the trampoline when he suddenly came and literally places half of his body on my throat/face <3

Now speaking of hope! 
Today I got a call but just as I was about to pick up my phone went out of battery =___=
Few minutes after my dad called my mom and said that it was Aspect (the organisation I'll be traveling with). Because of some problems they had to transfer us to other organisations and today they had found one called CHI (Cultural Homestay International). They would send the papers in half an hour (but since I'm pretty slow at blogging they have already arrived) and then I have to send them back tonight. Just as I was starting to lose hope... Aaah so freaking happy! \(^0^)/

August 19, 2012

My Goodbye/See you-Party

Yesterday I had invited over some of my closest friends to a goodbye/see you party. My parents had bought   a big white tent that we had set up the day before. We also bought both American and Danish flags and everything was so festively decorated. The weather was great! 26°C and no clouds in sight. The party started at 6pm and even though it's supposed to be cooler during the afternoon/evening it was still super hot!

 Seeeeee our new tent! From outside it's like.. an okay size but from the inside it's huge! :O

Emily came a little earlier and helped me out carving the watermelon - I had a bunch of plans but the watermelon was too small so instead we cut it in halves and made little serrations around the edge. We then added some pineapple and some peach and there you go! A super fruity dessert ready and packed :P
Sadly I didn't get any pictures of this, nor the chocolate cake that I had made and I was a little annoyed because I had spent my morning making the American flag out of green and white icing on it T____T
At first I had used white icing and since I had neither blue or red colours I had to use the green one and add to the icing. I wanted to put just one drop in it but ... No... By an accident I dropped.. well let's say a whole lot more. I don't know why but for some reason I just stood there observing it while the green colour spread out and made this - I think it looks like little trees o_O

Anyways! The girls came and they had brought gifts and I was like: "Gifts o.O? But..? You already held a party for me, why more gifts?! D:"

We went inside the tent and my mom grilled for us while my dad was serving AND being a paparazzi which resulted in these photos...

Later in the evening Mette, Ria, and Jackie had fun playing with my garden trampoline o.O
But in the end it got a little too cold for them..

More pictures of the girls!
Jackie, Ria, and Karoline~

Sushi and Niaraki :)

Freja, Louise, Monika, and Ria~
 Ann-Kathrine, Marie, and Mette (with the yellow shirt and the cute hair)

 Aaaand Monika again + Signe :)

 The whole evening my dad had been trying to take pictures of me but I had been hiding every time.. then SUDDENLY I saw a flash light from my brother's room... 1-0 dad, 1-0.

 Even though I absolutely love my gifts there is nothing that can beat that party. I was sitting with my closest friends and we were all having fun, I couldn't ask for more. I love these girls and I SO appreciate that they came <3 
 Like the flowers? Hahah yeeeah they sure brighten up everything :) That little man/animal is called a "Hoptimist" and is made by a Danish artist. They're pretty famous and my friends thought I should bring this with me when I left so it could remind me of Denmark :)
They also had made me these little cupcakes, aaawh <3

Mette gave me this suspicious flat gift which turned out to be a CD - She had made a little movie with pictures from school and parties and all such stuff we've been to. The background was purple (Me likey <3) and she had written some text saying that they will miss me and told me to have a nice high school year. She also had put a clip from our first class-trip and then she had added a Hannah Montana song as background music that suit our situation just perfectly~ 

So I'm moving on, letting go, holding onto tomorrow. I've always got the memories while I'm finding out who I'm gonna be

We might be apart but I hope you always know you'll be with me wherever I goooo~

August 16, 2012

Casting with mom

Today my mom and I went to Vejle to attend the casting on that TV program I had signed her up for. Both my friends, my mom, and I had hoped for the best...

We woke up early (4am for her because she was nervous and me at 6am) because we had to be there at 9am and it wasn't even in my city. We had a 1-hour drive in front of us and my mom was super nervous. She hates driving alone ... and on highways... and fast. And she was afraid of using the GPS... and letting others see her... and be a complete control freak at home.
Anyways, with me on the passenger seat, we drove off. She was like constantly driving too slow so I had to push her and when we finally got there, there were no parking spots. She was like SUPER stressed and I was like: "Woah chill woman CHILL!!" (yeah I actually said that..). She drove away to find a parking spot  and then told me to call my dad because the GPS had turned off and she was like "oooooh so confusing! *le me trying to figure it out* DON'T TOUCH IT!!!! WRONG WRONG!!!" =_______=
My dad told me how to do (even though I had already done that, PFFFF) and I told her to drive back where we were supposed to go. And even though she kept complaining and freaking out she still did it. We found a parking garage but it had this machine where you'd have to take a ticket. Of course that was too complicated too so I went outside the car and did it for her -.- (I pressed JUST ONE button).

We were at this hotel in in Vejle called "Best Western" and this was where the casting would be held. We went to the reception and short after a woman came and told us where to go. Since I was just joining my mom, I wasn't allowed to stay in that room when those people who were supposed to cast showed up. I sat down outside and started reading my book but the ground was too hard so I went downstairs and found the most lonely couch. Here I sat down.
Aaaand this was my view. When I first sat down there were way more people. See the curly stairs in the left side of the picture? Behind that there was a room and that's where my mom was.

Later they had a break and I went back up there - My mom didn't make it to TV but this wasn't a loss for her.
Of course she wanted to be in the program but today she went beyond her limits and she was really proud. She:
- Drove by herself on a highway
- Drove alone (Thanks mom.. not that I was sitting right beside you all the time.. )
- Went to another city without my dad
- Actually went to a casting! I mean just imagine she had made it.. then they'd put her on TV and everybody would see her :O
Also... one of the casters told her that she liked my mom's style and she told her that she dressed up very nicely so yeah..

All in all she had a great day even though she didn't make it there.
It wasn't about her being on TV - It was about her pushing her limits and she sure did. Good job mom!

August 15, 2012

Today I had my first unofficial school day!

Yeap! I woke up early, got ready, took a chill walk when I realized I heard the bus, ran like crazy with waving arms, missed the bus, had yet a chill walk to the next bus stop, met up with Niaraki, and I was on my way! 
We took the bus at 8.20am because she had to sing for the new students with her music class and I was like... just joining as promised. 

Now these guys simply MADE MY DAY! These were the new 11th graders - My friends were there too :) See the guy with hat and in suit? Yeap! That's my friend Søren :P These people are called Tutors and will be instructing and introducing the new students to the school.
They were standing there outside the main-entrance of the school and whenever a 10th grader came up to them they'd wave with those flags like crazy and go "WUUUUUUUUH!!! :D"
(Now the thing is that, on my school, there are only 3 grades: 10th, 11th, and 12th grade).
(Hahahhaah I loved looking at the new students' faces when the crowd down there went wild)

(Yeeeah... I still remember how terrified I was last year when I was new like that girl down there. I was all alone so I found a big group of students and sneaked up behind them so I wouldn't get too much attention).

Now this is one of the most awesome teachers at school: Richard! I had him for just a few weeks during 10th grade and he sure made physics class fun. HE had already passed them once with another female teacher but of course he wanted them to cheer JUST for him. Hahahah I love the expression on his face. 

(Oh yes... They got a big group this time. I know it's just a picture but look how they're running in fear >:)

When they had all arrived (all 240 new students! We've never had that many new students in a year o.O), the 11h graders and 12th grader gave them a little show, but first all of the tutors had made a super gangster'ish movie about the shcool and the teachers and where they told about their "cribs".
We also got to welcome 8 new teachers!

 Here you see Niaraki in cowboyshorts and a magenta shirt and my other friend Mette standing beside her :) I'm sorry for the quality but I had to zoom here :/

After the music shows the Lector held a speech and welcomed them all while pictures from earlier events that the school had held were in the background~

I didn't get more pictures after that as I was being a loner while my friends were having class. Later the new students got introduced to the different important people at the school: Lasse and Kasper who are the ones arranging parties and a girl at the school magazine and so on. 
Lasse and Kasper, who turns everything into a joke (in the good way), sang a song to get people in a good mood. After that, for the first time in my school's history, the band The Kellermensch. They put on a great show and the bassist ran around the scene constantly. He never stood still! But their music... not really my cup of tea. It was like... rock and screamo music -.- I'm more into... pretty much everything but that.

As Søren said: "Not my taste of music but the bassist was freaking awesome! On one side he's like super girly when he runs around like that  but on the other hand he scares me with that attitude! He's like a freaking Dracula or something!"
I guess you will have to watch one of their concerts to understand what he means but he was right o: 

August 14, 2012

Back to school~

Tomorrow pretty much ALL of my friends here will start at their (for some) new schools - Some are joining high school and  my siblings will start in 6th grade while some of my friends will be Freshmen and Juniors. How about me you ask?

No school for me! WOOOOH!! (Not really =___=)
Okay many people would be like: "Woah no school? Awesome!". Now the thing is that I've had off since June 27th and I'm pretty much ready to get started again. I was supposed to be a Junior this year but the school administration put me on leave which means I can't just join my old class. I can't even view my grades! :(

So yeah.. tomorrow morning is their first day and I was supposed to just stay at home - There is nothing to do but wait until I get more information about my exchange year. However, this morning Niaraki texted me and asked if I'd join her on the busride tomorrow. To her surprise I said yes sooooo...

Good news: I can go to school and see all of my friends again!
Bad news: I can't take classes and will have to wait 1½ hour for their first classes to finish.
Worse news: I have to wake up early ARGH!

I've got a backup plan though! The organisation that I'll be traveling with sent me a Christmas gift which happened to be a book about life and how to overcome challenges and so on. They wanted us to read it as they thought we'd learn a lot from it and be better prepared - Sure I read it.... *cough cough*

Btw... Remember my post about the flood in the Philippines? I know a woman there who's helping at one of those centers that the victims are staying at and a few days ago she messaged me on Facebook asking if I had some unused clothes or stuff that I would like to donate to help. Sure I would but I felt so bad because I, a month before or so, just had cleaned my room and donated all of my stuff to Africa. I saw my sister was about to throw some stuff away when I begged her to let me donate it - Sure. Now I just needed how to write an address since it's different from here. I was thinking and thinking when this random guy, who happened to be a Filipino, pm'd me and so I asked him for help. He was pretty bad at English and thought I asked for HIS address. He then asked why and I told him:

"I need to know how to write an address so I can send something to a friend"
Send what? he asked
"A gift"
What gift? What kind of gift?
"Something personal. I can't tell you sorry"
Please gift me a cellphone! I'm so poor. Can' buy. Please gift me dear [insert more begging here]
"Sorry I can't. It's just a gift for a friend, I got no money right now"
"Well because I don't have a job"
Please gift me a cellphone! I'm poor boo hoo
After that I thought: This is going nowhere, it's no use trying to explain so I just ignored him.
You're so selfish! He said

Here I'm about to help for charity and I ask one simple question and yet I get called selfish?! He wasn't even one of the victims, and I can't just run around gifting everybody. I'm not like rich or something =____= Gosh.. people nowadays...

August 13, 2012

On adventures with Emily!

The last few days I've been busy with a couple of  projects. NOOOOOO I won't tell you yet - Later~ 
Today's post is about my day with Emily :P I haven't seen her since we came home from Croatia and we had a LOT of stuff to talk about. Also I needed some stuff so her dad drove up to the local mall Esbjerg Storcenter! I was looking for something cute, glittery, or unique but sadly we didn't find anything but some little plastic hearts :/ 
Instead we went to a small cafe called Aunt Betty and had Strawberry/banana-smoothies, yum! 

(Pfffff, she insisted on me putting up this one -.-)

We're like sooooo sexy when eating out; Emily's legs and arms spazzing when she explains stuff, me spitting smoothie all over myself, and us blowing bubbles in the smoothies but instead of bubbles the smoothies made fart sounds whereafter we both looked suspicious around us to check that there was no one around us so we could do it again. Heck yes we'd be the perfect dates!

We took bus #1 from the mall and after like 30 meters it stopped. After we had been siting there for a couple of minutes we figured that the bus, in some magical way, had changed number and that we were now in bus #4! :OO (We were the only ones in it)

We figured: "The heck!" and just sat there until we reached downtown. I asked her if we could go look for some cute stuff here but all of the shops were closed so we went to Sunset Boulevard and had our dinner :P Sadly we had to reach the bus #2 which would drive off in 10 minutes so we had some serious powerwalking while eating (SO sexy I tell you!).

When we got home around 6.45pm we changed to pyjamas and wore... bambambaaam FACEMASKS!
Meh we're so sexy!

(My gaaaaaawd, look at that creepy smile!!! EWEWEWEW! Emily's mask got loose quickly and it was hilarious when she took it off. I love her face in this picture :3 Also, the masks were those peel-off masks and it was like jelly - It smelled like red winegum. Aaaah I felt like eating my face !

August 8, 2012

Reasons why I need a haircut... NOW!

Let me first tell my male readers this... GIRL ALERT! I don't think you'll be interested in this but sure you're welcome to continue reading :P

Today I've dedicated a post for my hair. I. Am. So. Freaking tired of my hair!!
(Just look at my face.. it's like when I look in the mirror... "Oh gosh, why does that girl have a bunch of hay on her head?!?! My god what is she thinking of... !??! Oh my gosh why does she keep staring at me?!?! FREAKY GIRL!!!).

It's like... HAY!! D:<
For a long time I've had this "list" (inside my head) of reasons why I should do something to my hair.
I mean... ugh it's pretty long and I like it that way but it's also thin in the ends (People always tell me and well thank you. It's not that I can't see myself and I'm not constantly telling you that your thighs are fat or something like that either so just please.. stop).

  1. Thin hair and thin ends. My hairstylist have always told me that I had "angel hair". Now this is caused by genes I guess. People with fx. black hair often have way thicker hair than blondes. 
  2. I have what people call ombre hair / dip dyed hair. Which is cool.. I mean.. how often do you see people with two haircolours? Not often. The problem is that sometimes (like in this picture) the ends make me look like a ginger. I am NOT! (Not that I don't like gingers, some people can really pull off that look). I'm blonde but not platin blonde. It's a few shades darker, yet not "dark blonde".    There is a plus when it comes to his though. It looks fantastic when you curl it and if you tie it up in a bun or a ponytail you can really show off those colours :)
  3. My twirl.  Look at my forehead. I look like a man in his 50's who's losing his hair - all this thanks to that stupid swirl of mine. 
  4. It's super dry. It might be caused by lack of protein and I'm working on i but I still hate it. 
  5. Mysterious little hair... everywhere!! They won't go away if I straighten my hair, they don't grow, and even with styling products they're still there!! Argh!! Now if those freaking little hairs would all grow longer my hair would be much thicker!
  6. Sometimes wavy, sometimes straight. I was born with naturally straight hair and I'm happy about that. Curls look great but I like the "flat" look to me and people have always told me I was sooooo lucky to have hair like that. Recently it's been acting weird though, the inner hair is curling up (I have those periods and then after some time it goes back to normal.) and the outer hair is straight. 
  7. My hair got its own life. If I want it to be straight one day and the hair itself doesn't want to... it will NOT under any circumstances be straight. It's hard to explain so I've made you this drawing to show what I mean:

I'm considering cutting it.. I mean I love my long hair but the ends... And the front hair always curls up and looks super dumb. Not to mention how terrible it looks when I make a ponytail =_____= I found some different hairstyles hat I'm considering.. what do you think?
Maybe like Taylor Swift: Straight hair with bangs and some shorter hair around the ears. I especially love this look when in a ponytail :P

f(x) victoria electric shock 2012 mcountdown kpop fashion Here we got Victoria from f(x). Yet again a hairstyle with bangs - This time with brown undertones. I love this because it's different. It's not something you see everyday!

Then again.. I'd like a hairstyle that would last at least just for a while since I don't go to a hairstylist often - But maybe that's a need?

I'm starting to like the ombre hair, however if people start calling me a hipster I'mma kill somebody!! 

I've let my bangs grow since August 2011 because I got tired of it. Back then I wanted to grow it longer so I could have what I think as the typical American girl's hair which is also just long straight hair and then some angled bangs like Yoona (don't kill me if I'm wrong!) from Girl's Generation.

Though... I also like this look (Seohyun from Girls' Generation) with no bangs at all

Aaaah so hard to decide!!

August 7, 2012

My surprise party! c: (Flood in the Philippines)

Before I start this post I want to make a quick shout-out to the people in the Philippines. As many of you may have heard there has been a huge flood, caused by a typhoon, in the Philippines near the capital Manila.
This morning I spoke to my friend From there and he sent me these two pics:

This is taken near his school..
And this is outside his village. Here you can see for yourself how bad it is.
I know many people from there and thank God (from all I've heard) they're okay. I know many of my readers are also from there and I want to send my thoughts to them.
I hope that you're all okay and your families too - Stay strong!

So now we can begin...
Yesterday I woke up and felt like dying. Seriously. I felt like puking and I didn't really want to eat anything - Instead I just got up and started moving my stuff from the couch to my room. It was my last day of freedom! (My family would come back home later that day).

I ended up eating noodles.. yeap, noodles for breakfast. I love being alone <3 I can eat whatever, whenever, and wherever I want!
I took a shower, found my makeup and some clothes, and headed out the door. I was going to take the bus to my friend Mette's place as she had called me the day before and forced me to come. It seemed like she was hiding something but I let go of that thought later. She said we'd be "just chillin' ;)".
Just as I stepped outside it started raining. Ooooh how the weather loves me!
(A picture I took from the bus). 
Mette fetched me up at my (now former) school. She wore this awesome space shirt and some turquoise hotpants. With her she had a striped umbrella and you should've seen her when she came jumping to me like some little fairy~ Mette can always brighten up my day :) 

When I came to her home she pushed me to the kitchen and as I opened the door I was met by the screams of my friends; "SURPRIIIIIIISE!!!"
I was shocked and screamed like I think most people would do but after that I sent them all suspicious looks òÓ! I had seen it coming but then again.. "Soon I'll be hosting my own party so why would they make one too?".
They handed me over this balloon which was apparently a bunny-balloon and after that they all came hugging me. We went inside the living room and had some super yummy nachos while just talking.  
(Karoline in the back)

(From left: Ria/Balslev - Maria/Niaraki - Mette and Karoline).
Sadly I didn't get a picture of all of us at one time but all in all we were 7 girls :)

And do you see the cake? Mette is a PRO when it comes to cakes and sweet stuff and she had made this:
A delicious chocolate cake covered in butter cream. She knows how I love that! On top of that she had made "Stars and Stripes" out of sugary ~ 
Mette herself had taken some pictures and described her thoughts about the party, on her own blog. you can find the post HERE (It's in Danish though)

There you got my little gifts :3
The dollar came with this sweet card from Ria that I read out loud. She wrote how we met just a year ago and her first thoughts about me and it was really touching <3 Thanks Ria <3 
She had been buying me little stuff for quite some time now and she also wrote where she got it in that card-
The Yoda legoman was from, guess where: LEGOLAND! She had asked me earlier which person from Starwars I prefered and there you got my answer :P I'm not sure from where she got the lipgloss, but as she wrote in the card; "I've spent a lot of time finding you these gifts and I've been searching in both Greece, Legoland, Norway, and most of Denmark!". She bought me the earrings at Crete and aren't they just cuuuute? They remind me of those wrapped caramels :3 

Niaraki gave me this necklace as Sushi had told her how I was completely in love with stars.
Maria went to Poland and in the beginning I was supposed to go with her but we had to cancel those plans... She had been in a salt mine (in Krakow) with her family and had bought me this: a necklace made of salt. She told me the whole story about how they had been running around licking at the walls and all because everything was made of salt- She also told me I could eat this but I prefer to keep it :P I did taste it and phew.. too salty > < ! 

Mette gave me these two nail polishes that she had found: a pink one that she bought because "It looked so shiny and girly when I found it and as it was standing there in the light it looked like it was changing colours". To your information, Mette, I can say that you actually got me a fine liner which means it is super thin. These are often used for nailart, which I love, so it's perfect :D The green'ish one is something I've wanted ever since I saw my friend Agnes put up a picture on Facebook of her wearing it: a magnetic nailpolish! (I will show you some pictures later). The black thing is kind of like a magnet-ring that you use to create patterns in the nailpolish :P

I feel so blessed that I've finally found friends like these. It wasn't the gifts, the cake, or the party itself but the thought of it. I really admire them for just having this thought and I cannot express how happy I am hat they did all this just for me <3 

Bonus pic: Pedobealloon!!