August 14, 2012

Back to school~

Tomorrow pretty much ALL of my friends here will start at their (for some) new schools - Some are joining high school and  my siblings will start in 6th grade while some of my friends will be Freshmen and Juniors. How about me you ask?

No school for me! WOOOOH!! (Not really =___=)
Okay many people would be like: "Woah no school? Awesome!". Now the thing is that I've had off since June 27th and I'm pretty much ready to get started again. I was supposed to be a Junior this year but the school administration put me on leave which means I can't just join my old class. I can't even view my grades! :(

So yeah.. tomorrow morning is their first day and I was supposed to just stay at home - There is nothing to do but wait until I get more information about my exchange year. However, this morning Niaraki texted me and asked if I'd join her on the busride tomorrow. To her surprise I said yes sooooo...

Good news: I can go to school and see all of my friends again!
Bad news: I can't take classes and will have to wait 1½ hour for their first classes to finish.
Worse news: I have to wake up early ARGH!

I've got a backup plan though! The organisation that I'll be traveling with sent me a Christmas gift which happened to be a book about life and how to overcome challenges and so on. They wanted us to read it as they thought we'd learn a lot from it and be better prepared - Sure I read it.... *cough cough*

Btw... Remember my post about the flood in the Philippines? I know a woman there who's helping at one of those centers that the victims are staying at and a few days ago she messaged me on Facebook asking if I had some unused clothes or stuff that I would like to donate to help. Sure I would but I felt so bad because I, a month before or so, just had cleaned my room and donated all of my stuff to Africa. I saw my sister was about to throw some stuff away when I begged her to let me donate it - Sure. Now I just needed how to write an address since it's different from here. I was thinking and thinking when this random guy, who happened to be a Filipino, pm'd me and so I asked him for help. He was pretty bad at English and thought I asked for HIS address. He then asked why and I told him:

"I need to know how to write an address so I can send something to a friend"
Send what? he asked
"A gift"
What gift? What kind of gift?
"Something personal. I can't tell you sorry"
Please gift me a cellphone! I'm so poor. Can' buy. Please gift me dear [insert more begging here]
"Sorry I can't. It's just a gift for a friend, I got no money right now"
"Well because I don't have a job"
Please gift me a cellphone! I'm poor boo hoo
After that I thought: This is going nowhere, it's no use trying to explain so I just ignored him.
You're so selfish! He said

Here I'm about to help for charity and I ask one simple question and yet I get called selfish?! He wasn't even one of the victims, and I can't just run around gifting everybody. I'm not like rich or something =____= Gosh.. people nowadays...

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