August 2, 2012

Blog post #100! ... Aaand my day c:

Yesterday I made my post #100 so let's celebrate that with a good laugh shouldn't we? :D
Forever Alone Level: Batman
(Oh 9gag.. how I just love you sometimes)
But like seriously... I cracked up when I saw this :OO
Happens every time.
Happens every time I try to pat a cat...

Oh and I also saw THIS post some days ago:
Think about it.
I felt so special c:
Are you watching The Olympic Games? I am! And I've gained soooooooo much respect for the gymnasts.. and here I thought I was flexible, pui!

Okay enough with the fun! Let's get this post started... so like
I have the WORST sense of direction EVER!!

Today I was going to visit my friend Sushi who happens to live in Oksbøl (the green circle). I was supposed to take the train from Esbjerg (the yellow circle) BUT somehow I managed to look at the wrong table and took the wrong train which was going to Tønder (the red circle) so you see... I would've been SO screwed. Luckily I got off just in time... but the train I was supposed to take had just left. An hour of waiting here we go!
Yes... yes I'm not used to trains and with MY sense of direction it'll never end well if I'm traveling alone.. 

Yeah a sucky pic... I wanted to take a better one but I was not facing the same direction as the train - Soooo you gotta stick with this :/

After a looooooooooooong ride I finally got to Sushi's place aaaaand she gave me this cute little gift that she had made :3 

(Sushiiiiiii <3)

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