August 16, 2012

Casting with mom

Today my mom and I went to Vejle to attend the casting on that TV program I had signed her up for. Both my friends, my mom, and I had hoped for the best...

We woke up early (4am for her because she was nervous and me at 6am) because we had to be there at 9am and it wasn't even in my city. We had a 1-hour drive in front of us and my mom was super nervous. She hates driving alone ... and on highways... and fast. And she was afraid of using the GPS... and letting others see her... and be a complete control freak at home.
Anyways, with me on the passenger seat, we drove off. She was like constantly driving too slow so I had to push her and when we finally got there, there were no parking spots. She was like SUPER stressed and I was like: "Woah chill woman CHILL!!" (yeah I actually said that..). She drove away to find a parking spot  and then told me to call my dad because the GPS had turned off and she was like "oooooh so confusing! *le me trying to figure it out* DON'T TOUCH IT!!!! WRONG WRONG!!!" =_______=
My dad told me how to do (even though I had already done that, PFFFF) and I told her to drive back where we were supposed to go. And even though she kept complaining and freaking out she still did it. We found a parking garage but it had this machine where you'd have to take a ticket. Of course that was too complicated too so I went outside the car and did it for her -.- (I pressed JUST ONE button).

We were at this hotel in in Vejle called "Best Western" and this was where the casting would be held. We went to the reception and short after a woman came and told us where to go. Since I was just joining my mom, I wasn't allowed to stay in that room when those people who were supposed to cast showed up. I sat down outside and started reading my book but the ground was too hard so I went downstairs and found the most lonely couch. Here I sat down.
Aaaand this was my view. When I first sat down there were way more people. See the curly stairs in the left side of the picture? Behind that there was a room and that's where my mom was.

Later they had a break and I went back up there - My mom didn't make it to TV but this wasn't a loss for her.
Of course she wanted to be in the program but today she went beyond her limits and she was really proud. She:
- Drove by herself on a highway
- Drove alone (Thanks mom.. not that I was sitting right beside you all the time.. )
- Went to another city without my dad
- Actually went to a casting! I mean just imagine she had made it.. then they'd put her on TV and everybody would see her :O
Also... one of the casters told her that she liked my mom's style and she told her that she dressed up very nicely so yeah..

All in all she had a great day even though she didn't make it there.
It wasn't about her being on TV - It was about her pushing her limits and she sure did. Good job mom!

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