August 22, 2012

Got my hope back~

So for the past few days I've been staying at home.

Saturday I held a party for my friends as you can read. Sunday morning my little brother went to the bathroom and opened to window to check on my cute little white ball of fluffyness (aka Snoowey my bunny) but he didn't move as usually. My mom got quite concerned and we decided to let him out in his garden-cage.
He wouldn't eat, drink, play, or lie with me as usual. He was so cold and didn't want to move. Just lie there so of course I got quite concerned too, especially because I'm the one who spends the most time with him. Usually when I get near the garden-cage he will run around like crazy.. No seriously. LOOK!

Okay it's usually worse than this but I hope you get the point.

So he was just lying there and I couldn't even get him out of the cage :O I demanded (Yeah I actually did o.O) my parents to call the vet and 10 minutes after my dad and I drove off - Snoowey lying half dead on my tummy. The vet said it might have been poisoning (the heck?) or an infection which is pretty common for rabbits. Anyways, he got a vaccine with something in it.. I don't remember the name but it's also being used on humans. And then we got some medicine with fibers in because i seemed to the vet that he hadn't been eating for days :/ We have to him thrice a day and it's harder than it sounds because he's so damn stubborn -.- He keep kicking or fleeing or running... or spitting it out -

Snoowey is doing way better now and yesterday he was lying down with me and the rest of my family and watched soccer :) Now again.. I usually NEVER give up but this time I was quite afraid.. Especially because the past 3 times at the vet has meant death for my little pets :( So I guess this must be my little Guardian Angel watching over me and I'm so thankful for that, THANK YOU! <3

And then a picture I took Friday before all this mess~

Aaaw he was so cuuuuute. I was lying on the trampoline when he suddenly came and literally places half of his body on my throat/face <3

Now speaking of hope! 
Today I got a call but just as I was about to pick up my phone went out of battery =___=
Few minutes after my dad called my mom and said that it was Aspect (the organisation I'll be traveling with). Because of some problems they had to transfer us to other organisations and today they had found one called CHI (Cultural Homestay International). They would send the papers in half an hour (but since I'm pretty slow at blogging they have already arrived) and then I have to send them back tonight. Just as I was starting to lose hope... Aaah so freaking happy! \(^0^)/

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