August 5, 2012


Soooooo... let's continue with the annoying constantly bloggin, shall we?

Yesterday my friend Maria (aka Ria/Balslev) came to bring her hamsters back home. She had been with her family somewhere and had asked me to take care of her and her sister's hamsters since she knew how much I loved hamsters. They stayed here for a week <3

I never got to show them to you guys but I DID get a couple of pictures:
Here are their cages. Athene (my friend's hamster) was in the pink one and Cornelius (her litle sister's hamster) had the other one. 

There you got Cornelius sleeping in his little wheel... aawh <3 
Cornelius was more of that chill guy. Very calm and loving. 

His sister, on the other side, (yes they're real siblings) were like constantly running around. She always wanted attention and was the most noisy one of them.

Athene again.. 

My little brother had had trouble sleeping at night because of some weird noises... I wonder who made them ATHENE and CORNELIUS?!

They loved being fed by hand... here we got Athene eating a piece of cucumber

The last nigth I had them I wanted to record a video and send it to Balslev to show that they were still healthy and all... then THIS happened -.-
He sure doesn't like paparazzias o___O

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