August 28, 2012

Love advice


Can make you feel like you're in Heaven. Like you're flying on a pink fluffy sky. Like you can do absolutely ANYTHING...

Or it can completely screw up a person. 

You know we all have that one single friend that we always ask for advice when it comes to love, right?
Yes, yes I'm one of those.
And you know what? I'm fine. I'm totally FINE!!!!
(No actually I am :P ).

I mean sure it sounds nice to have that one special person you can always hang out with and do cute stuff with and all and have those "Aaaaawh" moments with but don't just look for love =____=

"Don't look for love don't look for loooove, caus' love will look for youuu~ lalalala"  
Whenever  I tell people that I always hear this song playing inside my head.

It's true though!
Love doesn't work like that. Love isn't just something you can find so don't look for it!
"The moment you stop looking for love, love will eventually find you"

Oh and have you ever heard the saying: "Love makes blind"?
It sure does.
Loving another person can make you think they're perfect. That they are the most wonderful person in the world and that they do nothing wrong. That they will never hurt you, and lastly that you will never be able to live without them.
You HAVE to remember that we are only humans and that no one is perfect. If your beloved one hurts you or do you wrong, let them know! Of course you shouldn't scold them out of the blue but if you don't tell them how much it hurts you, there is a great chance they will do it again.

Often I read statuses on Facebook or have friends messaging me and asking what to do when their bf/gf did this and this.. I hear about people who go break up because their partner cheated on them but then go back because they think they cannot live without them. 
I only have one thing to say... MAN UP! or woman up o.O 

If your girl/guy cheated on you = DO NOT GO BACK!
- They broke your trust and you can never know if they will do it again. They're most likely to do it again and you will end up being hurt. Spare yourself the pain and just let go of them. You can and WILL find better. You DESERVE better.

If someone who once loved you have moved on = LET THEM GO!
- Don't waste time. If people have moved on, they have moved on. You can't change other peoples' feelings towards you. They have their own thoughts about you and you just have to live with it.

If you really like someone = TELL THEM!
- The worst thing that could happen are them telling you they're not feeling the same way about you. (I know that's way harder than it sounds). On the other hand they may like you thought and if you don't tell them they might think they have no chance with you.. and move on. Then it'll be too late for you! Remember that it takes minutes to regret confessing but forever to regret letting go of a chance. (But if you don't know them very well then DON'T just approach them telling "I love you"! It's creepy! It's dumb! And will never be accepted - Seriously). Saying people are cute is okay of course but don't just "I love you" random people.

If you use the term "forever alone" about yourself = STOP IT!
(Unless it's in a joking manner but not everyone will get a joke, remember that).
- Honestly it sounds like you're longing for compassion. A lot of people are singles and still alive - Sop feeling bad for yourself and get moving!

So if you happen to be single, don't just go try to find your other half at the nearest McDonald's. Look at the positive sides of being single and enjoy it, it might be over sooner than you expect. Do what you like and be good to yourself. Just be yourself and be HAPPY about it! :D Good self-esteem often attracts people and if you don't love yourself you sure can't expect others to do so either.

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