August 26, 2012

Maria's birthday party

I love being home alone <3 
Don't you too? You can eat what you want, when you want and WHERE you want! Plus you can jump around in the couch or dance.. or sing (c'mon we've ALL done that) or do like me! Conquering the dinner table with my sexy pyjamas at 2pm. Because I CAN! 

Sadly I couldn't walk around like this all day and enjoy that I was finally alone - I was going to my friend Balslev's birthday party at 6pm. 
We were 10 girls and we had the livingroom for ourselves. We had a lot of salat, bread, and lasagnette that her mom had made. For dessert we had cake, a big one! with strawberries, vanilla creme, and strawberries and raspberries on top. Now usually I would take LOADS of pictures but my phone was almost out of battery so I only got a few :/
(I'm not a big fan of raspberries so I like.. didn't like the cake but my friends INSISTED in me having a piece. So there I sat and looked down at it while the others had theirs...)

Balslev has two dogs (and two hamsters. The ones I was hamster siting some weeks ago) and they are soooo freaking cute! She explained to me once which kind of breed they were but I've forgot now. They remind me of a super fluffy chihuahua though.. soooo cute! 

 (Monika sitting with Nikolai)
(While I was siting with Sasha)
Hahahha okay my face failed but I was trying to do a "We've been expecting you"-scene. Sadly I think the camera was a little to slow to catch the evilness in it but hey.. still a great pic! Look at that fluffy little ball of happiness sitting on me! :3  

Yeah yeah I know.. My post today is pretty boring.. actually a couple of my latest posts have been boring but that's how it is waiting :/ I'm running out of strange things to do. Actually... 2 days ago my dad came home from work and said that my papers were now on their way form the US. When I get those papers I can start applying for a visa (AGAIN) =_______= 

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