August 19, 2012

My Goodbye/See you-Party

Yesterday I had invited over some of my closest friends to a goodbye/see you party. My parents had bought   a big white tent that we had set up the day before. We also bought both American and Danish flags and everything was so festively decorated. The weather was great! 26°C and no clouds in sight. The party started at 6pm and even though it's supposed to be cooler during the afternoon/evening it was still super hot!

 Seeeeee our new tent! From outside it's like.. an okay size but from the inside it's huge! :O

Emily came a little earlier and helped me out carving the watermelon - I had a bunch of plans but the watermelon was too small so instead we cut it in halves and made little serrations around the edge. We then added some pineapple and some peach and there you go! A super fruity dessert ready and packed :P
Sadly I didn't get any pictures of this, nor the chocolate cake that I had made and I was a little annoyed because I had spent my morning making the American flag out of green and white icing on it T____T
At first I had used white icing and since I had neither blue or red colours I had to use the green one and add to the icing. I wanted to put just one drop in it but ... No... By an accident I dropped.. well let's say a whole lot more. I don't know why but for some reason I just stood there observing it while the green colour spread out and made this - I think it looks like little trees o_O

Anyways! The girls came and they had brought gifts and I was like: "Gifts o.O? But..? You already held a party for me, why more gifts?! D:"

We went inside the tent and my mom grilled for us while my dad was serving AND being a paparazzi which resulted in these photos...

Later in the evening Mette, Ria, and Jackie had fun playing with my garden trampoline o.O
But in the end it got a little too cold for them..

More pictures of the girls!
Jackie, Ria, and Karoline~

Sushi and Niaraki :)

Freja, Louise, Monika, and Ria~
 Ann-Kathrine, Marie, and Mette (with the yellow shirt and the cute hair)

 Aaaand Monika again + Signe :)

 The whole evening my dad had been trying to take pictures of me but I had been hiding every time.. then SUDDENLY I saw a flash light from my brother's room... 1-0 dad, 1-0.

 Even though I absolutely love my gifts there is nothing that can beat that party. I was sitting with my closest friends and we were all having fun, I couldn't ask for more. I love these girls and I SO appreciate that they came <3 
 Like the flowers? Hahah yeeeah they sure brighten up everything :) That little man/animal is called a "Hoptimist" and is made by a Danish artist. They're pretty famous and my friends thought I should bring this with me when I left so it could remind me of Denmark :)
They also had made me these little cupcakes, aaawh <3

Mette gave me this suspicious flat gift which turned out to be a CD - She had made a little movie with pictures from school and parties and all such stuff we've been to. The background was purple (Me likey <3) and she had written some text saying that they will miss me and told me to have a nice high school year. She also had put a clip from our first class-trip and then she had added a Hannah Montana song as background music that suit our situation just perfectly~ 

So I'm moving on, letting go, holding onto tomorrow. I've always got the memories while I'm finding out who I'm gonna be

We might be apart but I hope you always know you'll be with me wherever I goooo~

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