August 7, 2012

My surprise party! c: (Flood in the Philippines)

Before I start this post I want to make a quick shout-out to the people in the Philippines. As many of you may have heard there has been a huge flood, caused by a typhoon, in the Philippines near the capital Manila.
This morning I spoke to my friend From there and he sent me these two pics:

This is taken near his school..
And this is outside his village. Here you can see for yourself how bad it is.
I know many people from there and thank God (from all I've heard) they're okay. I know many of my readers are also from there and I want to send my thoughts to them.
I hope that you're all okay and your families too - Stay strong!

So now we can begin...
Yesterday I woke up and felt like dying. Seriously. I felt like puking and I didn't really want to eat anything - Instead I just got up and started moving my stuff from the couch to my room. It was my last day of freedom! (My family would come back home later that day).

I ended up eating noodles.. yeap, noodles for breakfast. I love being alone <3 I can eat whatever, whenever, and wherever I want!
I took a shower, found my makeup and some clothes, and headed out the door. I was going to take the bus to my friend Mette's place as she had called me the day before and forced me to come. It seemed like she was hiding something but I let go of that thought later. She said we'd be "just chillin' ;)".
Just as I stepped outside it started raining. Ooooh how the weather loves me!
(A picture I took from the bus). 
Mette fetched me up at my (now former) school. She wore this awesome space shirt and some turquoise hotpants. With her she had a striped umbrella and you should've seen her when she came jumping to me like some little fairy~ Mette can always brighten up my day :) 

When I came to her home she pushed me to the kitchen and as I opened the door I was met by the screams of my friends; "SURPRIIIIIIISE!!!"
I was shocked and screamed like I think most people would do but after that I sent them all suspicious looks òÓ! I had seen it coming but then again.. "Soon I'll be hosting my own party so why would they make one too?".
They handed me over this balloon which was apparently a bunny-balloon and after that they all came hugging me. We went inside the living room and had some super yummy nachos while just talking.  
(Karoline in the back)

(From left: Ria/Balslev - Maria/Niaraki - Mette and Karoline).
Sadly I didn't get a picture of all of us at one time but all in all we were 7 girls :)

And do you see the cake? Mette is a PRO when it comes to cakes and sweet stuff and she had made this:
A delicious chocolate cake covered in butter cream. She knows how I love that! On top of that she had made "Stars and Stripes" out of sugary ~ 
Mette herself had taken some pictures and described her thoughts about the party, on her own blog. you can find the post HERE (It's in Danish though)

There you got my little gifts :3
The dollar came with this sweet card from Ria that I read out loud. She wrote how we met just a year ago and her first thoughts about me and it was really touching <3 Thanks Ria <3 
She had been buying me little stuff for quite some time now and she also wrote where she got it in that card-
The Yoda legoman was from, guess where: LEGOLAND! She had asked me earlier which person from Starwars I prefered and there you got my answer :P I'm not sure from where she got the lipgloss, but as she wrote in the card; "I've spent a lot of time finding you these gifts and I've been searching in both Greece, Legoland, Norway, and most of Denmark!". She bought me the earrings at Crete and aren't they just cuuuute? They remind me of those wrapped caramels :3 

Niaraki gave me this necklace as Sushi had told her how I was completely in love with stars.
Maria went to Poland and in the beginning I was supposed to go with her but we had to cancel those plans... She had been in a salt mine (in Krakow) with her family and had bought me this: a necklace made of salt. She told me the whole story about how they had been running around licking at the walls and all because everything was made of salt- She also told me I could eat this but I prefer to keep it :P I did taste it and phew.. too salty > < ! 

Mette gave me these two nail polishes that she had found: a pink one that she bought because "It looked so shiny and girly when I found it and as it was standing there in the light it looked like it was changing colours". To your information, Mette, I can say that you actually got me a fine liner which means it is super thin. These are often used for nailart, which I love, so it's perfect :D The green'ish one is something I've wanted ever since I saw my friend Agnes put up a picture on Facebook of her wearing it: a magnetic nailpolish! (I will show you some pictures later). The black thing is kind of like a magnet-ring that you use to create patterns in the nailpolish :P

I feel so blessed that I've finally found friends like these. It wasn't the gifts, the cake, or the party itself but the thought of it. I really admire them for just having this thought and I cannot express how happy I am hat they did all this just for me <3 

Bonus pic: Pedobealloon!!

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