August 13, 2012

On adventures with Emily!

The last few days I've been busy with a couple of  projects. NOOOOOO I won't tell you yet - Later~ 
Today's post is about my day with Emily :P I haven't seen her since we came home from Croatia and we had a LOT of stuff to talk about. Also I needed some stuff so her dad drove up to the local mall Esbjerg Storcenter! I was looking for something cute, glittery, or unique but sadly we didn't find anything but some little plastic hearts :/ 
Instead we went to a small cafe called Aunt Betty and had Strawberry/banana-smoothies, yum! 

(Pfffff, she insisted on me putting up this one -.-)

We're like sooooo sexy when eating out; Emily's legs and arms spazzing when she explains stuff, me spitting smoothie all over myself, and us blowing bubbles in the smoothies but instead of bubbles the smoothies made fart sounds whereafter we both looked suspicious around us to check that there was no one around us so we could do it again. Heck yes we'd be the perfect dates!

We took bus #1 from the mall and after like 30 meters it stopped. After we had been siting there for a couple of minutes we figured that the bus, in some magical way, had changed number and that we were now in bus #4! :OO (We were the only ones in it)

We figured: "The heck!" and just sat there until we reached downtown. I asked her if we could go look for some cute stuff here but all of the shops were closed so we went to Sunset Boulevard and had our dinner :P Sadly we had to reach the bus #2 which would drive off in 10 minutes so we had some serious powerwalking while eating (SO sexy I tell you!).

When we got home around 6.45pm we changed to pyjamas and wore... bambambaaam FACEMASKS!
Meh we're so sexy!

(My gaaaaaawd, look at that creepy smile!!! EWEWEWEW! Emily's mask got loose quickly and it was hilarious when she took it off. I love her face in this picture :3 Also, the masks were those peel-off masks and it was like jelly - It smelled like red winegum. Aaaah I felt like eating my face !

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