August 8, 2012

Reasons why I need a haircut... NOW!

Let me first tell my male readers this... GIRL ALERT! I don't think you'll be interested in this but sure you're welcome to continue reading :P

Today I've dedicated a post for my hair. I. Am. So. Freaking tired of my hair!!
(Just look at my face.. it's like when I look in the mirror... "Oh gosh, why does that girl have a bunch of hay on her head?!?! My god what is she thinking of... !??! Oh my gosh why does she keep staring at me?!?! FREAKY GIRL!!!).

It's like... HAY!! D:<
For a long time I've had this "list" (inside my head) of reasons why I should do something to my hair.
I mean... ugh it's pretty long and I like it that way but it's also thin in the ends (People always tell me and well thank you. It's not that I can't see myself and I'm not constantly telling you that your thighs are fat or something like that either so just please.. stop).

  1. Thin hair and thin ends. My hairstylist have always told me that I had "angel hair". Now this is caused by genes I guess. People with fx. black hair often have way thicker hair than blondes. 
  2. I have what people call ombre hair / dip dyed hair. Which is cool.. I mean.. how often do you see people with two haircolours? Not often. The problem is that sometimes (like in this picture) the ends make me look like a ginger. I am NOT! (Not that I don't like gingers, some people can really pull off that look). I'm blonde but not platin blonde. It's a few shades darker, yet not "dark blonde".    There is a plus when it comes to his though. It looks fantastic when you curl it and if you tie it up in a bun or a ponytail you can really show off those colours :)
  3. My twirl.  Look at my forehead. I look like a man in his 50's who's losing his hair - all this thanks to that stupid swirl of mine. 
  4. It's super dry. It might be caused by lack of protein and I'm working on i but I still hate it. 
  5. Mysterious little hair... everywhere!! They won't go away if I straighten my hair, they don't grow, and even with styling products they're still there!! Argh!! Now if those freaking little hairs would all grow longer my hair would be much thicker!
  6. Sometimes wavy, sometimes straight. I was born with naturally straight hair and I'm happy about that. Curls look great but I like the "flat" look to me and people have always told me I was sooooo lucky to have hair like that. Recently it's been acting weird though, the inner hair is curling up (I have those periods and then after some time it goes back to normal.) and the outer hair is straight. 
  7. My hair got its own life. If I want it to be straight one day and the hair itself doesn't want to... it will NOT under any circumstances be straight. It's hard to explain so I've made you this drawing to show what I mean:

I'm considering cutting it.. I mean I love my long hair but the ends... And the front hair always curls up and looks super dumb. Not to mention how terrible it looks when I make a ponytail =_____= I found some different hairstyles hat I'm considering.. what do you think?
Maybe like Taylor Swift: Straight hair with bangs and some shorter hair around the ears. I especially love this look when in a ponytail :P

f(x) victoria electric shock 2012 mcountdown kpop fashion Here we got Victoria from f(x). Yet again a hairstyle with bangs - This time with brown undertones. I love this because it's different. It's not something you see everyday!

Then again.. I'd like a hairstyle that would last at least just for a while since I don't go to a hairstylist often - But maybe that's a need?

I'm starting to like the ombre hair, however if people start calling me a hipster I'mma kill somebody!! 

I've let my bangs grow since August 2011 because I got tired of it. Back then I wanted to grow it longer so I could have what I think as the typical American girl's hair which is also just long straight hair and then some angled bangs like Yoona (don't kill me if I'm wrong!) from Girl's Generation.

Though... I also like this look (Seohyun from Girls' Generation) with no bangs at all

Aaaah so hard to decide!!


  1. Go for the Taylor Swift-look. It's nice. :3

  2. Ahahah, yeah ikr :3 ? Love the bangs and that extra hair around her ears <3