August 15, 2012

Today I had my first unofficial school day!

Yeap! I woke up early, got ready, took a chill walk when I realized I heard the bus, ran like crazy with waving arms, missed the bus, had yet a chill walk to the next bus stop, met up with Niaraki, and I was on my way! 
We took the bus at 8.20am because she had to sing for the new students with her music class and I was like... just joining as promised. 

Now these guys simply MADE MY DAY! These were the new 11th graders - My friends were there too :) See the guy with hat and in suit? Yeap! That's my friend Søren :P These people are called Tutors and will be instructing and introducing the new students to the school.
They were standing there outside the main-entrance of the school and whenever a 10th grader came up to them they'd wave with those flags like crazy and go "WUUUUUUUUH!!! :D"
(Now the thing is that, on my school, there are only 3 grades: 10th, 11th, and 12th grade).
(Hahahhaah I loved looking at the new students' faces when the crowd down there went wild)

(Yeeeah... I still remember how terrified I was last year when I was new like that girl down there. I was all alone so I found a big group of students and sneaked up behind them so I wouldn't get too much attention).

Now this is one of the most awesome teachers at school: Richard! I had him for just a few weeks during 10th grade and he sure made physics class fun. HE had already passed them once with another female teacher but of course he wanted them to cheer JUST for him. Hahahah I love the expression on his face. 

(Oh yes... They got a big group this time. I know it's just a picture but look how they're running in fear >:)

When they had all arrived (all 240 new students! We've never had that many new students in a year o.O), the 11h graders and 12th grader gave them a little show, but first all of the tutors had made a super gangster'ish movie about the shcool and the teachers and where they told about their "cribs".
We also got to welcome 8 new teachers!

 Here you see Niaraki in cowboyshorts and a magenta shirt and my other friend Mette standing beside her :) I'm sorry for the quality but I had to zoom here :/

After the music shows the Lector held a speech and welcomed them all while pictures from earlier events that the school had held were in the background~

I didn't get more pictures after that as I was being a loner while my friends were having class. Later the new students got introduced to the different important people at the school: Lasse and Kasper who are the ones arranging parties and a girl at the school magazine and so on. 
Lasse and Kasper, who turns everything into a joke (in the good way), sang a song to get people in a good mood. After that, for the first time in my school's history, the band The Kellermensch. They put on a great show and the bassist ran around the scene constantly. He never stood still! But their music... not really my cup of tea. It was like... rock and screamo music -.- I'm more into... pretty much everything but that.

As Søren said: "Not my taste of music but the bassist was freaking awesome! On one side he's like super girly when he runs around like that  but on the other hand he scares me with that attitude! He's like a freaking Dracula or something!"
I guess you will have to watch one of their concerts to understand what he means but he was right o: 

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