September 2, 2012

Auntie's birthday and some exchange stuff~

Ooooh my life is so exciting nowadays that I just can't help but blog all the time! *cough cough*

Yesterday I went to my ... (Well I call her my aunt but she's actually my dad's aunt) aunt's birthday party. She turned 74 some days ago but because of her age she just can't handle that many people at her home anymore. Instead her daughter Birgitte (My grandcousin if I'm not wrong) and her husband Jørgen invited my grandparents, my aunt's other daughter Dorthe and her husband and kids, and then my family. My sister was at a friend and my parents were busy so only my little brother and I went. We see them very very seldom as they live rather far away.. Well not that far but still so far that they won't just come over, so it was really nice to get to see their house and be with them for a whole day. They have moved around a lot and last time I saw their house was when they lived in Switzerland and we crossed the border to Italy to have spaghetti. I must have been like.. idk 12 or something?
(That nice elder lady at the end of the table is my "auntie" Kirsten) 

A few days ago I also received more papers about my host family and since both Jørgen (2nd man form the left) and Finn (Guy to the right) both are very interested in the whole me-being-an-exchange-student thing I thought I'd show them so they could see where I'd be living and all. They both know a lot about the US and they told me where I simply HAD to go while I was there. 
Jørgen is one out of three in Denmark who has the black belt in this one special kind of martial art (Of course I forgot the name) and since we had been joking about it for quite some time he thought he'd teach me before I go to America so that I, in case of rape or something, can defend myself. Yeap, you sure should be afraid of me now! RAAAWR!!

Now when thinking of my host family and the whole being-an-exchange-student thing I get kind of worried. I wrote a mail to my host family some days ago.. and they haven't answered me yet!!! D: 
In the last papers I got there were pictures of my host family and their names were there too. The weird thing is that I had tried searching for them on Facebook before that and I found them! :O But now they're impossible to find :O Like... it's like they have disappeared T________T I'd like to know just a little bit more about them before going there, I mean I'm going to stay with them the next 10 months :/

What also gets me worried is the packing.. I have like NO idea what to pack and I'm going to the embassy on Tuesday. 3-4 days after that I will get my visa and then they will order my plane ticket so I'm leaving like... pretty damn soon O___O 
They told me to "Pack for 10 months but don't pack too much, you will buy a lot of stuff over there that you will want to bring back home with you". That sounds logical right? 
But I STILL need to pack for 10 months and I may only bring a bag with 21-23 kg (I'm not all sure) and then 5kg of hand baggage but thanks to fly security (FLY SECURITY FTW!!!) I almost got nothing to put in there unless I want to be pulled over and called a terrorist =____=
(It's okay though, rather a little more security than someone bombing a plane). 

And and and and!!! (Just to go off topic)
I finally finished my necklace!
(Emily on the inside so I will always have her with me c: )

Oh oh and last for today!
Thank you guy on Instagram who complimented my blogs, you made my evening C:

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