September 15, 2012

California here I am!

The flights were long, very long. The first one was from CPH (Copenhagen Airport) to Heathrow in London.

(Wooooh pictures from CPH!)

 Well this was like you know.. rather short. Just 2 hours. But you see I ran into some problems. The first one was that my plane to London was delayed by 35 minutes and I was supposed to have around an hour in the airport before I would go to Los Angeles. Well.. I didn’t. When about to land the stewardesses told us that those ones of us who had to get on other planes had to go to the women holding purple signs at the end of the gate. When I got out the woman was like: 
“You just go that way and you better run because they’re NOT going to wait for you”.
Luckily I heard a Danish family on the plane so I ran over to them and then we all ran, like literally, ran for our lives. We made it just in time and the plane took off.

The flight to LAX (Los Angeles Airport) was tough.  11 hours straight away, wohoo! I sat beside this French man and well.. his English was bad. Like really bad so we didn’t talk. While at the plane we got those papers handed out that we had to fill in. Kinda like visa paper stuff because we were now going to enter America. Speaking of planes I also got this little picture of my plane food :P (I know my mom would care about this because she’s always concerned of what I’m eating).
(it looks good right? WRONG! Well I guess it was okay to the rest of the people but I'm just very picky so.. naaah!)

The plane from London to LA was big, really big. Actually it was a jumbo jet and it was waaaay too hot. And it smelled like sweat. Ew. ALSO there was this little baby boy sitting in front of me and he just wouldn't shush. Like he would be crying like crazy and constantly! 

LAX was HUGE and I had 2 hours there. When I got in I had to go get my baggage, go through the immigration, give them back my baggage, and then back into the next plane. Now this plane was like reeeeally small. There were only 2 seats in one side and one seat at the other side. The flight would be 40 minutes or something but when we were about to land the first time we couldn't. So when the pilot lowered the plane and we finally got out of the clouds we actually had to get back up again because we couldn't land. It was too foggy and it was impossible to see ANYTHING at all.
The pilot announced that we would fly around for a little and then try again or go back to LA. Luckily it worked out and I landed in the airport around 10-11pm.

When I got to the airport I found my baggage and was about to exit I was met by my host family. They were all standing there; Sondra (my sister), my host dad, my host mom, Meg (my contact person), and then a German exchange student named Hendrich (I think. Well that's how I say it).
And and and they had brought me these signs c: I felt loved~

Yesterday I went to the school to get some school stuff done. Later in the day I went to see the only (probably) rocket launch during daytime with my host dad Norman and I DID take pictures but my  phone made it look like the distance from me to the rocket was like way greater. 
(See that tiny little glowing thing? Yeap that's the rocket!)

The jetlag hit me.. HARD so actually I was supposed to blog about my day today too but I'm way too tired for that. I think I will have time for it tomorrow. We'll see but for now, goodnight!

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