September 29, 2012

Cheerleading, Football, and Shopping for homecoming~

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were hard on me. As I have joined the cheerleaders at my school I am now supposed to stay until 5pm those days and practice. School ends at 2.30 and practice starts at 3pm - That is 2 hours of practice a day! :OO

Right now we still need to figure out a lot of stuff such as me getting a uniform and joining them at games. The original plan is that I should stay after school like them every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and practice with them so they can teach me the dances and the cheers to I will be 110% ready when the basketball season starts - Then I will join the team on full time!
   I'm still catching up in all of my classes so when I come home from school those days I will have tons of    homework that I need to finish. This week, after cheerleading and homework, I went to bed at 9pm and fell    asleep just like that o__O

This week went by pretty fast. Sondra is at the doctor getting a shot while I just finished Skyping my parents. When she gets home, her, Rebecca, and I are going to go shopping for homecoming! There will be black lights at the dance and they will hand out glow sticks but we are planning on doing something special with our hair and makeup. I usually hate shopping but everything is just more fun in America :P

Yesterday I went to my first football game as the coach, Lisa, had asked me to come. Norman was volunteering and he had brought Sondra and Doug too. The game was confusing and I still don’t it. I guess it will come. They were playing at Lompoc High School since Cabrillo’s field doesn't have light but it was supposed to be “our place” so we had the advantage of playing on our own field. It was really really cold but the cheerleaders kept us all cheering so I guess most people didn't realize it. I really can’t wait to be one of those girls!

Sunday I am going to some place with my host family to meet up with 30-40 other exchange students currently living in California. I don't know much about it yet. All I know is that we are going to eat there and present ourselves and our host families o.O

Since I didn't really take any pictures this week (SHAME on you Lucy!) I thought I would tell a little more about the strange American things I've met so far.

  • Their juice! Yes yes I know what juice is and I believe most countries have it but do they all have Pomegranate juice? Blueberry juice? Strawberry and kiwi juice? I think not! (Well at least not where I come from). It’s so coooool!! And no matter which fruit or kind of berry you like, they will have it!
  • Peanutbutter! I always heard of that in TV when I was younger but I never really knew what it was. My friend, who actually went to America last year, had told me about it and I must say that I found it pretty weird. “It’s like peanuts! You know peanuts right? Okay mashed peanuts! And then it’s kinda sweet yet kinda salty”. Yeeeeah.. so I was confused. I have made a couple of peanutbutter sandwiches already and I’m all hooked up on “Reese’s” (Little muffin looking chocolate pieces with peanutbutter inside). Yum *-*!
  • Their acceptance of weird stuff... Like seriously.. This morning I was standing with Sondra's "posse" as a guy on a military suit comes near us, runs around the table  while flaring his arms and shouting: "Distraction, distraction!" and runs away. NOBODY but me stood there starring at him... Not that I don't like the randomness here.. I just don't get how they can not react to that o.O
Atka bonus!
Stalking me as I was making my blog post. This time I accidentally put on blitz so that's the reason he looks possessed O___o Creepaaay! 

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