September 16, 2012

Church, blockparty, beach, the movies, and Solvang~

Yesterday we were supposed to go to the beach with our neighbors but they called us and said they couldn’t go. We went though and it was great! The water was all blue, the sun was up high, it was a little windy near the water, and the sand was like… Sand! I’m used to beaches where the sand is filled with shells, and dead crabs, and little pointy rocks etc. so this was like heaven! (Well not really but it was soft!).

We only got our feet (and pants =___=) wet since we didn’t have much time there. We took a few pictures and after that we went to the cinema to watch Ice Age 4.
(HAAAAAH you thought we would be in bathing suits? NAH!)

After the beach we rushed home so we could get to Solvang (Solvang is a "Danish city" in California and these days they were having "Danish Days"). 

And the fun thing is that this is Danish... or supposed to be but except for the Danish flags hanging everywhere, the Danish street names, and the Danish shop names there was almost nothing in common with Denmark. 
I saw people on the streets that were selling pigs.You could actually buy... a pig. What do they think we are? Farmers?! O___o
Other than that I could do nothing but laugh at their clothes stores... 
(Like who would ever wear that in 2012?!?! We've never worm clothes like that).

Also we saw people dressed in that weird clothes dancing some sort of "Folk dance" in the street. Again, not Danish but fun to watch. 

None of the shops looked Danish either since they probably thought we were still Vikings (The heck?). I did find one, just one shop that I actually found something Danish in and that was Ingeborg's Chocolate~

I found this candy! :OO

At last we went to a restaurant and I found this poster :OO I've seen this one in Denmark too!!

And just a picture of us goofing around~


This morning I woke up at 3am.. Just as I thought my jetlag was over. Typical!  =_____=

We were going to the church today (as my host family do every Sunday). My "mom" Rebecca was out town at some conference so she couldn't go of course. Norman (my host dad) would have to go there earlier with Doug (my host brother) and fix some sound systems. Norman drove Doug to the church (he's a super technical little boy). Sondra and I spent the time waking up and I had some cereal that we had bought for me like 2 days ago or something. I know many of my readers probably don't care about this but... the food!!! It's so weird! They have like soooo much strange food that I have never ever ever seen before!! :OO
This was actually my breakfast o.O

At 9.30 Norman came to pick us up and drove us to BurgerKing. to have breakfast. No joke. 
We arrived there before they opened so we had time to check out what to have (This is like a special breakfast/lunch offer).
(I had a #2 with Bacon, eggs, and cheese. And from my "observations" Americans like cheese and eggs mixed. I had it for breakfast yesterday and... it's different).

We went to church and had our breakfast while one of the services were going on. Through the day there would be 3 different services and we'd go to the 2nd one. When we were done eating we went downstairs and Sondra introduced me to two younger boys that she knew, Ethan and CJ, and the cutest little girl! :O
When the service started the pastor was talking and they had people singing. It was great! I mean it sounded great and there was such a "cozy" atmosphere.
At some point the new people in there were asked to raise their hands and since I was new I'd have to do it. The pastor pointed and me and bid me welcome. After a short speech we all had to get up and "socialize". We walked around and said hi to random people in there and soooo many people came to hug me and bid me welcome. (Yet again I have to say that I love how friendly Americans can be). 

At some point the younger ones would go to another room and Sondra and I went with them. They were dancing while singing Christian songs and after that there were snacks and crayons they could play with. The kids there were soooooo cute like GOSH. I had the CUTEST little girl, named Eve, following me around and she'd constantly hug me :)

When we got out and went back home we were actually supposed to wait for Rebecca to come home so we could go to Santa Maria but as we came to the house I saw a bouncy castle and was like: "Wow look at that!!!" and Norman was like: "Oooh yeah that's right! Today's the blockparty!". (The blockparty was like a small party for the few houses around us so all of the neighbors could meet up and actually get to meet each others). So yeah.. We brought some food and had some food and while the grown-ups would sit down and just talk and get to knwo each others the kids would run around playing. Cassondra and I went to the bouncy castle (What do you expect? It's a BOUNCY CASTLE!!!) and played around with the kids. We pretended to be monsters and after we left the kids would come running several times asking if the monsters would like to play with them again. 

Tomorrow is Constitution Day so Norman and Rebecca had to go anyways (Not to Santa Maria though), so when they left, Cassondra and I went back home so she could do her French homework and I could blog. I took a couple of pictures at the blockparty so... enjoy the weirdness!

(I have the amazing ability to be able to take pictures of people while they're eating - BEWARE OF MY AWESOME SKILLS!)

(Just walked by to take the pictures.. it was really nice sitting there in the sun - Roasting while meeting our neighbors).

Sondra told me that our neighbors were all kids' families so we started talking about babysitting. We were joking about her having like her own babysitting company in 10-20 years and it'd be America's biggest company! This is her commercial~ 

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