September 6, 2012

Got my visa~

Today I woke up by my mom calling me - I had got mail! Can you guess what it was? Yeap! It was my visa!

I am now one step closer to my exchange year!
Lars, the leader, sent us a mail around mid day and said he would soon order my ticket. The only thing he needed before he could do that was if there were any dates that I couldn't go sooooo... it turned out I will leave around mid next week - Probably Wednesday :)
It's crazy... suddenly everything works out just fine.. it's amazing! My day was made!

Later I went to meet up downtown with Emily as she would need to buy some clothes for tomorrow. (They are going to have a lot of sports tomorrow and then have a party later at night). Emily was hungry so we bought some food at Sunset Boulevard. We went back to me and spent all the time lying on my bed and talking about how much we were going to miss each others. It was pretty sad.. I still haven't realized it yet but the thought of being away from her for 9 whole months is starting to hit me. Me no likey T____T
She stayed here until after dinner and I got to take this beautiful picture as she was leaving <3
(Somehow I think I can manage being away from my family.. at least for a while but I'm going to die without Emily by my side :/ )

That was all for today... actually just a quick update~

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