September 15, 2012

My first day of school!

Today was my 2nd day here and also my first day of school (whew). I was pretty nervous at first because the school seemed pretty big to me and I’d have to walk form one class to another all the time. The teachers won’t come to you like they do in Europe, nope, you have to come to them.
At first we went to the office to inform them that I was there and suddenly I heard a guy:
Uh yeah? :o”
“Hi, are you the new exchange student from Denmark?”
Yeah I am!
“Oh great, me too.”
“And me too” said the girl beside him.
“I am from Belgium. My name is Fran…" (Well actually I don’t know how to spell his name yet so.. let’s call him Francier since that’s the way he pronounced it).
“And I am ….(I didn’t quite get it because I was already super excited but I think it was Laurie) from Slovakia. Nice to meet you :)”
They gave me a Burgerking crown that had been turned inside out, painted red with a white cross, and added little shiny stars on and asked if “this is the Danish flag right?” “Yeah” I said and smiled like crazy. I felt so welcome, it was awesome!
(The arm in the back is Sondra’s. I will show you guys my family here later :) ).

They told me that today was Senior Assembly Day (I’m a senior) and that we were going to meet up later and play some games and celebrate it. After that Norman left and my sister Sondra showed me around the school and told me where my classes were. (They had given me a yellow paper, a kind of map over the school that we followed around).
When we were done we went back to the office to get some other yellow papers that would excuse us for being late to class. Sondra told me that if we had 15 hours of absence we wouldn’t be allowed to go to the homecoming ball.
On my first day there we had went to the school and I got to choose my classes - Except for English and U.S History that was optional.

My first class was math. The teacher was really nice and after a few minutes I was back on track. (Since I haven’t been to school since the end of June I kinda took a break from math and rational thinking). It turned out to be easy but since I had no papers to take notes on I just listened.

-          When I got out I tried to locate my 2nd class - U.S History. (Each time a class ends we will have 5 min. to get to the next one).  A girl came over and asked if I needed help and I showed her my map. She showed me where to go and I thanked her. It was really nice that everybody would be so helpful, and smiling! The teacher had placed me at the front seat and behind me were guys! Beside me were guys! And beside me (to the other side) there were guys too! Not that I was the only girls in class, I had just been placed for myself. A lot of them were football players (Since it was the Senior Assembly they were wearing uniforms. The cheerleaders too!). When class ended two of them came up to me. One asked if I was from Holland (I guess it’s hard for them to tell the difference between Europans) and the other one was like: “Hey are you an exchange student?” I said yeah. “Can I see your schedule?” “Yeah sure”. I showed him and he told me it’d be Musical Theater something (Aka drama). He asked me if I knew where it was and told me where to go and all. Sadly I didn’t have any classes with him but U.S History. He seemed really nice :) I love how helpful and welcoming people here are.

The 3rd class was Drama with Mrs. Fritsche. (In America we have to call the teachers by their last names. Yet a difference from Denmark). When I got in and told her I was the new exchange student she signed a paper that I was supposed to have all of my teachers signing, showed me up to a girl and introduced us. She was actually part Danish too. She was really nice to talk to and explained me a lot of stuff whenever Mrs. Fritsche was talking. Today they had to come up in front of the class and read kids’ poems because they were going to an elementary school later and present those. Today they had to pick which ones they would bring. Before they did that my teacher said: “Students, we have a new girl in class. Lucy from Denmark” and pointed at me. Half a second after that everybody turned around, smiled like crazy, yelled “Hi Lucy!” and started laughing. Confused as I was I looked at the girls beside me and she told me that they had had a Danish exchange student last year in that class and she was kinda crazy (in a good way) so I guess they thought that all of the Danish exchange student would be awesome people. Thank you unknown Danish exchange student! You gave me a good start :)

-          My 4th class was English. In the morning Francier had seen my schedule and told me that we were going to have English together. After that he would show me to the gym hall where all the seniors would meet for the assembly. English was pretty cool. We had a sub teacher today and we didn’t do much. She told us that if we just opened our books and looked like we were reading we could just relax and chit-chat. Here I met Chlori the other exchange student from Belgium. Another teacher came in and said she had heard that this class had the nicest shirts. (Now since it was my first day and I wasn’t informed of this in time I was just wearing normal clothes. The only thing I had been told was that we would all be wearing black and yellow since those were the school colors). Now actually almost everybody in class (since we were all seniors) was wearing those homemade shirts with all such awesome stuff on filled with glitter, and stars, and text, and quotes, and names, and whatsoever. Francier and Chlori had made the Belgium flag on their shirts and their crowns were standing on their tables. (Now the thing is that I didn’t just get my crown because I was an exchange student but also because I was a senior). Everywhere you looked outside you would see people wearing and different kinds of crowns and shirts and they were ALL wearing black, yellow, and gold. What a view!

When class ended I followed Francier to the gym hall like the rest of the seniors. They were really noisy (in a good way) and the atmosphere was great! Everybody was so happy and fooling around. One of the other exchange students came up to us and said that Meg was calling us over. (Meg isn’t just my contact person, she’s that contact person for all of the exchange students at school!). She handed me a blach shirt (so I’d be in school colors) and then we lined up and took a bunch of group pictures. Here I also got to meet the German guy Heinrich that was in the airport, a Japanese exchange student, Fernando from Brazil, and the 3rd guy from Belgium. After that we went back to the gym hall and suddenly the doors opened. Everybody ran inside and we were met by cheers from the rest of the school. There was music and the cheerleaders were waving their pompoms while the orchestra was playing~
I didn’t recognize this until the end of the ceremony but we were all parted up in years. Freshmen, Sophmores, Juniors, and of course the Seniors! Meg told us to sit down on the floor in front of the other Seniors. They played the national anthem and we all stood up, our hands on our hearts, and sang! (Well since we didn’t know it we just stood there and listened). 

The orchestra came in a played a fantastic song! I can’t really describe how but while they were playing they were all turning their heads and instrument (without hitting each others) and when they were done they were met by loud cheers from the whole school! The cheerleaders danced and again, cheers!
Now Meg told us to stand up and go to the middle of the hall. We lined up and as we were standing there each of our names would be called in the speakers. “Lucy Christensen!” they said. I stepped forward, waved, and I was met by cheer from the whole school! Like seriously! I couldn’t have had a better welcoming. When our name had been called a girl would come over and hand us these shirts.
(Actually only the right one. The left is the one Meg gave me).
The front~
(2013 since that’ll be the year we graduate. Inside it you could find the names of all the seniors (but me I think since I came this late).

After that we went back on the floor as the games began. Sadly the teachers won but it sure was fun looking at. As the last thing they introduced the homecoming theme and Katy Perry’s E.T started playing as they rolled out big banners saying “Out of this world” What a great theme! :D

When we were done Sondra and I went to the cafeteria for Lunch and sat down at the table with some of the other exchange students. Suddenly everybody jumped up form their seats and ran to the doors. There was a fight! Actually two! I didn’t get to see it nor the other exchange student but wow o___O

In my 5th class, Computer Science, I couldn’t do much since I would need a user and a password that I hadn’t got yet. Instead the teacher let me lend his so I could at least look at the screen and read about what the other students had been doing. I realized that Fernando was in my class but I didn’t get to talk to him. Mr. Graves, as he was called, came over and asked me a whole lot of stuff and told me about the city Lompoc (which is actually pronounced Lom-Poke) and the history and so on.

Sondra and I met up and went to the office to get my picture taken for my ID card. Without this I wouldn’t be able to ride the school bus. (The camera barked when the girl took the picture.. Oooh I love America! That only happens over here). We went to the office once again to get a tardy (That’s what they call in when you’re late for class. But also the name for those little yellow excuses that will save your butt. Over here that is a BIG thing).

-          Choir was the same. I got the sheets for their songs but couldn’t really join in as I didn’t know the melodies. Instead I just sat there and listened. They were quite good! Also I found out that the Japanese exchange student was in my Choir class. (Sondra had told me to keep an eye on people and see if I had more than one class with these and these people. They would probably be some of my first friends).

We went to get my ID and got yet a tardy (Whew, 3 tardys in just one day! This is a good start..).

Graphic design, my 7th and last class, was cool! Here I would need a password and that too so my teacher just told me to sit down where after he gave me some papers that I could read. I took a look around the class and all of the computers that the other kids were working with were Macs! And not just normal Macs, huuuuuuge Macs O___o That blew my mind. The teacher, and pretty much every other teacher I had met, asked me how my day had been so far and when I came to America and all. You should’ve seen their face expressions when I told them I came just 2 days ago at midnight.

Sondra stood outside waiting for me. She told me to go to the office and give them back the paper with the teachers’ signings while she would go put some stuff in her locker. At the office a guy came over and suddenly asked me if I wasn’t the new exchange student. “Yeah!” “Oh great, and you’re from the base right?” he asked. “Yes I am” I said. “Oh cool. Me too!” We shook hands and introduced ourselves. “I’ll catch you up later” he said and went away. Sondra came running and told me we would have to hurry now as the bus would be leaving soon. We ran outside and luckily the bus was still there. Now when I say school bus you may think of those yellow ones with black seat and noisy happy kids, right? That was exactly what it was!
My first day of school couldn’t have been better. Since it was the Senior Assembly (Actually just Assembly but basically we were celebrating the seniors so that explains the name) our day would be shorter since they had taken like 6 min. from each class until Lunch.
I got to meet sooo many people and SEE sooo many people. Like.. In Denmark, and most of Europe I think, you will usually just try to fit in. No different clothes or hair or things like that, but in California being yourself is a main factor! No matter where I looked I could see girls with pink hair (I loved her hair!!), purple hair, side cuts, rainbow hair, yellow bangs etc. And same thing with the guys! They were all different! I love this place :D

Today we will just sleep in and then later go to the beach with our neighbors. Around 1-2pm we will go back home and then later go to the Danish city “Solvang” where we will have dinner. Norman told me that Meg had told him that this weekend they were having “Danish days” so now would be the perfect time to go there. I’m really excited for that! :)

[EDIT:] See what I woke up to this morning.
And straight after that he jumped up my sisters bed and woke her up o.O

Atka was TOTALLY stalking me while I was making this post..


  1. Jeg er super glad for at høre at de alle sammen tog så godt imod dig!:D de lyder alle.sammen så venlige!!!!:D knuuuuus Ria:)

  2. Jaaa de er nogle fantastiske mennesker alle sammen! :) De ER venlige, du skulle se dem i kirken :D Alt og alle krammer hinanden!
    Men jeg håber også du har det godt der :3