September 3, 2012

Shopping with mom and "meeting" Cassondra!

Today ... Was an exciting day, I went to the mall with my mom and we ended up "shopping".

While my mom got a short and a pack of meat I FINALLY got myself an orange nail polish! :D
I definitely got some tutorials coming up! Wohoo~ 

Oh and and!!! When I got home I found my big blue suitcase! I then spent the next hours packing here and there while talking to my friends (You heard me! I have friends :3)

After that I was just hanging on Facebook when a girl named Cassondra approved my friend request on Facebook. "Why is this so special?" you may ask, well you see. This girl, Cassondra, is the daughter of the host family :)
Which means... she is my new sister! :D
Yet again I was just about to lose grandma thought he family had changed their mind since they didn't answer my mail but now it's back :)
Aaah I'm soooo happy right now that I don' even know how to express it! 
She even called me her sis and she told me a lot of stuff. We talked for quite some time and I really really can' wait to go there and finally meet her and the rest of my "family" :)

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