September 23, 2012

This week~

I haven't really been able to online the past week so I will make a quick (I guess not really) post about it :)

SundayI didn't really have any plans so I decided to take a look inside that big "basket" that had been standing beside my bed since the day I first came here. It was sort of a welcoming gift that they had prepared and.. well there’s not much to say so let me just show you~

(Of course Atka was stalking me while I was unpacking...)
 ("Uuuh wat is dis?" *Le stalker-kitty glare*)

Tuesday: I honestly don't remember much form Tuesday now but.. I GOT MY HOMECOMING TICKET!! Eeeek it's so unreal! It's awesome!!

Wednesday: Was Speak-like-a-pirate-day and of course we were dressed up! Rebecca (my host mom) had made us these AWESOME pirate hats herself (Sondra got a red one) and bought each one of us an eye patch.

Other than that... it was also Breast Cancer Awareness Day so Mrs. (Or Ms. .. I'm not sure about that. Well the teacher at my school who takes care of the exchange students!) had asked all of us to wear pink and then she would take a picture for the yearbook. She took our pictures, our Senior pictures (The ones that are probably going to be in the yearbook too), some pictures out in front of the school, and then one of Sondra and I since we were dressed as pirates. 

After school Mrs. Gray took me to the cheerleaders' practice room to see if I could join the team. They gave me a bunch of papers and.. I will have to stay after school Monday to see them practice, talk about joining their team, and maybe show off some dance moves. 

When we were done Mrs. Gray brought me to the parking lot where Meg picked me up. We drove to her house and I got to relax on the couch and talk to Hendrick (The German exchange student that lives with her) while she was copying some papers. We went to some restaurant to meet up with Dorothy who is the Area Program Administrator :O We had a small meeting where I had to read and sign some different papers. Every exchange student has to go to such meeting and since I arrived this late I had to go alone (with Meg). 
American fact: When you eat out and can't eat all of your food (Because the portions are HUGE over here) you will actually get these small boxes to bring it home.

Thursday: Was a busy day for me. I had to catch up on some history stuff since I came home late Wednesday and actually fell asleep on my book (no kidding). I was sitting in the kitchen/living room at the dinner table and doing my stuff.. Guess who came to watch me.

During 4th period that day (English class) we had had a sub teacher who happened to have an accent. Later on when Chloe (The Belgium girl whose name I cannot spell yet) was speaking French to Francois (I FINALLY got his name right!) the teacher just broke into their conversation and the whole class went silent and stared at them. (Being an exchange student is a pretty big thing but being able to speak another language is even better here). Suddenly Francois pointed at me and said: "She's Danish" and all the girls stared at me o.O The teacher then came over and told me in English that he spoke Danish and soon he actually introduced himself (In Danish). He was born in America by his French/American (I think) parents who then moved back to Paris where they stayed until they then moved to Iceland (Where you learn how to speak Danish). We had a small conversation and after that the 3 girls in front of my turned around and soon I became the new hot topic. They asked me sooooo many questions o.o I liked it though.. I mean.. Considered I haven't really made any friends here yet that was a big thing.

Friday: We witnessed history as the last space shuttle would fly from Vandenberg Airforce Base (The base I live on!!) to LA where it would be put in a museum. The space shuttles are elder spaceships that are now retiring and this was the last one - Aaaand we would witness the its last flight as it had been put on the back on a HUUUUGE plane and then crossed the parking lot of my school. An incredible view :O

Also Rebecca, Sondra, and I had planned to go shopping for homecoming on Saturday but when Sondra and I got home from school Rebecca told us that her schedule had been moved and she would have to work. Instead we went shopping Friday and we got... the CUTEST dresses. We went to a big mall in which we found loads and loads of stores. The first one we went to was my favorite though (And also the one I got my dress from).
Dresses! Dresses everywhere!!

And here we are! :O Since the theme is Out of this world, and homecoming is in 2 weeks, our dresses are far from done yet. I have A LOT of plans with mine and so has Sondra but not telling yet :x

Saturday: Norman brought us to Boomers which was like a big arcade (Those you see in TV). Inside the building there were machines and stuff you could play on everywhere! :O We spent the first hour inside there playing stuff. To use the machines you'd need little coins that you could put into them and then if you did good in the game you would win tickets.

Doug won one of the games where you had to jump at certain points. Here he's holding the tickets that he won~

Sondra took a picture of me standing on my favorite game. We both went up there and it would start playing music. It was kind of like the Guitar Hero games where you would have to hit a certain string at a certain time - Here you would just have to dance instead and step on the glowing arrows :D
 (Don't mind my crazy hair here - I JUST stepped out of the shower as we were leaving).

When we were done we went to these machines where you would have to put your tickets - It would then give you a card saying how many tickets you had and you would be able to pick your prizes from this place.. 

After picking our prizes we sat down and had some food. Believe it or not but I got a Cherry Cola~

 (Sondra had told me that it was like Cola but with a little hint of Cherry. It was more like Cherry with a tiny tiny hint of Cola, but it was good!

Doug (Le host brother) had a corn dog. Basically it's like a hotdog that has been through a lot of oil and then put on a stick. I have to try one of those one day even though they sound (and look) super unhealthy.

After our snacks we went outside and Sondra challenged me to climb this tall tall wall with little stones on it that you should grab and step on.
Sondraaaa <3 

At the top there was this red button that you would have to push if you got there. I was SO close but for some reason I couldn't figure out how to move my right arm as it was keeping me close to the wall. If I let go I would be hanging out too far from the wall and probably just "fall" down. It saddens me that I didn't get a picture of the whole thing caus' it really was huge. REALLY.

 We went to Wallmart to get me a phone (Of course a Samsung) so I can text and call people here and afterwards we went to Avila Beach somewhere near Santa Maria.
 (My new babyyyyy <3 )

Aaaand aaaand... Avila Beach!
(No matter where I go I see palms and I still gosh over them. Culture shock ftw!).
When we were done swimming (Or sopping) we went back up and had icecream before going home. I got to taste an ice cream named "Motor Oil" o___O It sounds nasty but it was pretty good actually. I ended up having the cake dough flavor while Sondra got Cheesecake covered in chocolate... on a stick! 

 Bonus stuff:
After several times of throwing himself at the wall (Crazy cat) he came to stalk me while I was making this post.

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