October 28, 2012

The Lompocalypse!

Yesterday I went to the 3rd annual Zombie Walk in Lompoc (Or the “Lompocalypse” as they like to call it) with my family. We went to a parking lot outside some café at 5pm to get our faces zombified. Here we met the Belgium exchange student Cedric and his host father.
Since my family had been in a rush I hadn't had time to do my make-up so I ended up being painted too by a little guy. He was pretty good at it though and he made it look like my skin was like super dry and falling off o.O
At 6pm they started counting down and after 10 seconds the whole crowd started moving. We went to walk down what they call H-street with some hundred more people. (I love how Americans act like their roles.. if this would have been back in Denmark, people would have thought it’d be awkward but here you would hear people growling, screaming, and craving for brains... like it was the most normal thing to do). 
 Me, Sondra, and Cedric~

While they did this they would all be flaring with their arms and walk like their legs were about to fall off. Whenever we got to a crossing we would patiently wait in a big growling crowd and when we could pass the streets, people would casually run up to cars and pretend to attack the people inside them. Beside the sidewalk we had people standing with their cameras and record and take pictures..  
EDIT: I found this video on Youtube.. but that's the only one so far.
Oh and it's in HD so.. go watch it as that. The quality I'm watching it in sucks. 
At 2:00 you can see a dark haired guy in a white shirt in the upper right corner. I'm the blonde girl with blood all over my face to his right :P We're passing the camera between 2:00-2:18.

When people passed us in their cars they would honk and people would respond by walking in the cars’ direction while yelling and screaming.
Oh and my favorite parts.. At some point when we came to a crossing there was a man yelling:
“What do we want?!”
BraaaaaainzzZzzz… The crowd would answer.
“When do we want it?!?”

At the next crossing we ended up standing outside a parking lot again and this time one of the cars were playing Thriller.. When the crowd heard this we started dancing and soon you had a few hundred zombies doing the thriller moves while waiting for the sign to switch.

Cedric had done his make-up himself and he was really proud. I must admit, it was pretty neat.

 The girls~ 

(I love this one) 

The walk ended at  a Veterinary's church that had been transformed into a haunted house. All 5 of us went inside and before that I had told Cedric and Sondra that I was REALLY bad at scary stuff... I ended up having Cedric holding my shoulders and screaming behind me all the time -.- And when people would jump out in front of us with big knives he would use me as a shield... Soooo macho right?

October 27, 2012

Spirit Days and The Big Game!

Thursday Meg picked me, Chloe, Hendrik, and Sondra up after school. First she treated us McDonald's and then we went to Wallmart to get Hendrik a costume for the Halloween party at Edson and Elisa's this Sunday :)

After that we went to Cedric's house (The other exchange student from Belgium) to prepare a surprise party.. well actually we just went there.. his host parents had already prepared. Sadly he had seen some of the decorations and then his parents had told him to walk the dog.. Like they never do so of course he knew something was up.
It was his 18th birthday and for Europeans that's pretty much of a big day.. The party was okay but there was an awkward silence.. I felt kinda bad for him. I wouldn't want my 18th birthday to be like that :/
While we were there Cedric and some girls forced Francois to play the piano ... It was AMAZING!! :O He was playing Scary Monsters by Skrillex... Dubsteb... on the piano?!
I wish I had recorded it.. I totally fell in love with that song and he did it perfectly.. I found this video on Youtube with a cover of the same song. Go listen to it then you'll know what I mean o.O

SO! Next week!!!
Next week is the Spirit Days! Why? Because next week is the BIG GAME against Lompoc High!!! :D (Our rival school) and even people who doesn't go to the schools or just doesn't care about football games will go to this because IT IS SUCH A BIG THING :O! This is the last football game in this season and lucky little me get to be a part of it! :) Now as a cheerleader we are also the ones that are going to be leading the Spirit Days. So how can we do that? We get to DRESS UP!! :D
Next week is going to be crazy and I will be busy all the time as you may see on my schedule:

So yeap.. I will be busy almost every day after school... even BEFORE school at 4am on the big game day :o

Now to the point! We (from Cabrillo High) are The Conquistadores and The Braves are from Lompoc.. And the Spirit Days age pretty much just days where we dress up differently every day to raise the spirit before the Big Game on Friday night :P

I'm SO looking forward to just wearing my pajamas to school this Monday :P
Go Conquistadores and happy Spirit Days!!

Stalker kitty extras:

 This picture was taken this morning and RIGHT after I took it he jumped into my...
Drawer =_______=
This one was just too cute for me to NOT upload.. 
But of course I'm not as good a stalker as he is..

October 25, 2012

What day was it again?

I don't even remember what I did last week other than the earthquake drill, the movie night, and the BBQ.
Now the earthquake drill was a Wednesday.. I was in Drama class and we all stood around the piano, singing, when the speakers went on: "Goodmorning students! Today Cabrillo High will join the rest of California and [Insert random English here]..... blabla,.. earthquake drill." Few minutes after I found myself and the rest of my class sitting under the tables and chairs o.O That was... different. 
Now the reason for all this worrying is that California is very prone to earthquakes. Earthquakes all the time! But small one... Now every day I go on my Facebook I see commercials for "The Big One". Every 100 years or so, California gets a big "shake" with great magnitude and the last big one was back in 1906 in San Francisco... It's been more than a hundred years so people are freaking out.
Actually.. this night my dad told me that we had had an earthquake Saturday night. It was around 100 miles from here (160 km) and not really strong. Just a few aftershocks... not enough to wake us up.

Friday was some kind of movie night at the library and they had expected all the young people here on base to come... It ended up being our family, one other girl who was the daughter of an employee, and then 3 more employees or so... What an awesome way to spend a Friday night. Especially if you, like me, hate being at libraries. But I can't complain though.. it's not that I got more important stuff to do.
The library was decorated to match the "Halloween Night" they were having and they had bought a lot of candy that we could snack with during the movie. We were watching "The Creature from the black lagoon".
 Sondra with the sexy lunchbox that she won...
 Sondra and I with our sexy masks that they handed out before the movie...
 Aaaaand my sexy pizza and strange American candy!! See the glass? That's the eyeball punch. The black bag was filled with candy that pops in your mouth :O

At Saturday we went to Mrs. Gray's house for the BBQ. Francois, Hendrick, Fernando, and Seiya all came but only my dad and Seiya's brothers stayed. Mrs. Gray was nice as always (I really love that woman) and the food was great - The weather wasn't though... We spent the time there talking and later we went inside to play videogames. It was really fun to have some "guy time" for once.. I miss those happy days back in kindergarten. Guys are just more fun, no offence girls!


What day is it again? Today's Wednesday right?... and WHERE THE HECK IS MY NEXT CLASS?!?!
These are questions I've been asking around 50 times a day..

Now this week has been weird, the days have been weird, the people around me have been weird... everything.. And not weird in a nice way!
I'm super stressed because of my cheerleading practice and those 3 English assignments that are due this Friday. I forget a lot of stuff.. even my classes! And I constantly ask people what day it is because I just can't keep up.
My mood has been going down this weekend but it's getting better.. I just want to let out all of my complaints but if I have to do it in English I will have to think... and Lucy no likes that when she's stressed! Grrrr...

October 20, 2012

1 Week Friendship Anniversary, Sabine, and BBQ at Ms. Gray's

Wednesday I finally felt better and went to school! (Lucky me, we had 92°F / 33°C. I would have DIED with a fever in this weather). 

This week was "National Design Week" so I spent my time during lunch in the Design room. I had planned to meet up with Ryan and her boyfriend there as we would be doing a mural today (A drawing/painting over a big area). Tuesday night she had posted a picture on my Facebook wall saying "HAPPY 1 WEEK ANNIVERSARY!" (Because we have now "officially" been friends for a week) so I thought I'd continue the joke by giving her a gift. Sadly I hadn't had time to get a real gift for her so I had spent my English class making her one of my lucky stars. In the end she turned out being the most awesome one of us .... She brought me flowers, dead flowers though... Thanks to the weather.

We grabbed some lunch and joined the mural. "Summer in Zombie Beach" was the theme and everybody were drawing zombies/zombie stuff. Ryan and I made a zombie cloud and when we were finished we spent the rest of lunch creeping out her boyfriend :P

As I stepped in in my 7th period (My Graphic Design class) some guy that I had NEVER talked to came up to me and was all like: "Hey where were you? I realized you had been gone the last two days. Blablabla bla. [Insert random English words here]." and he ended the stream of questions with "Did you die?". Yes, yes I died little guy. We ended up chit-chatting and he told me his name was Bob, being the crimerider I am I call him James instead.

Also, I think my accent is getting better.

Nothing much happened Thursday... nor today. What I remember the most would be my history class - People in there always brighten up the day. These days we're reading about how Alaska and Hawaii became part of the United States. We have been discussing the reasons why America took over Hawaii and so today Mr. Withrow (History teacher) asks: "Why did we take over Hawaii?" when, all of a sudden, one of the guys shouts: "MANGOS!!!" whereafter people join in and go "PINEAPPLES!"... Yes, my classmates are geniuses but they sure can make me laugh :D

Except for the mango-loving classmates I had a guy (A guy...) fangirling (FANGIRLING I TELL YOU!!!) over me during Graphic Design class... I think my accent is getting better since the reason for this "fangirling" was the fact that I'm foreign. And he just found out. Nice job little guy... I've only been here for like 5 weeks now. So when he was.. partly done freaking out he pointed at his book and made me read a certain sentence in Danish. When I finished I looked up back at him and ...
Pretty much his reaction... o.O

In the evening I went with my host mom Rebecca to her bookclub. She works at the library and this one woman (Her name is Sabine and she turns out being Danish) always comes by. When she heard that my mom had a Danish girl at her house she got really excited and asked her to bring me to the bookclub so her and I could meet. They weren't talking about books when we came there but we arrived just in time for the movie they were watching. When it was done we got up and split up into little chit-chatting groups. Sabine, my host mom, and I were all in the same group and we got to explain a whole lot about Denmark and share knowledge about America so far. When we left, Sabine made sure that we had her number and she then told me that, if I felt like speaking Danish and having Danish food, I could always call her and then both of our families could have dinner together :) She was really nice and the best thing is... She's from Haderslev which is a city that is really close to my hometown :P It's nice to hear an accent that is so similar to mine.

Tonight I don't really have any plans but tomorrow morning I'm going with my sister Sondra to the Youth Center here on base so she can hang out with some friends.. I'm mostly just going to be there so she won't be alone. At... 11am or so we will go to Ms. Gray's house to meet up with the other exchange students and their families and just hang out and eat. Ms. Gray is the teacher at my school who takes care of the exchange students and it's a yearly tradition. I'm looking forward to that :)

Atka bonus!
So besides stalking me 24/7 Atka now found out that he wanted to be a model..
"Draw me like one of your French girls, purr"
 "Look at me human! I'm stalking you!"
 "Uuh wait... is that a camera?!" *Cute kitty model mode: ON!*
 "Oh yeah... I'm so sexy"
"Ugh this is hard work.. Time for a break"

October 15, 2012

I'm sick -____-"

As I’m sitting here my sister is at school. “Why are you not?” you may ask. The answer is that I’m sick -___-
I woke up early (as usually), got ready, and went back to my room to relax a little before my sister woke up. However, around that time I felt really really bad. I had nausea and felt like my stomach was about to kill me every time I took a breath (or stood up straight).
When my sister found out that I had a fever, she left for the school bus and told me to stay home and explain to our parents why I was still at home. Norman had had a night shift so Rebecca went to fetch him. When they came home I was still sitting on my bed and I was told to go to bed. After a 4 hours nap I woke up and Rebecca made me chicken-broth soup (I have never had that before. Apparently it’s something that many Americans eat when they’re sick). It was basically just hot water with leaves in it… and it had a very strong odor. I didn't like the first few sips but it got better as I got used to the taste.

(Not exactly appealing)
 (It looks black'ish but actually it was a transparent'ish yellow/green soup).
 The aftertaste wasn't the best but I think it worked. At least my throat feels a little better now.

Sunday I was picked up by a really nice lady named Carol Fox. She drove me and the other exchange students to some place in the woods to take our Senior pictures. (We went with her because she would take cheaper pictures for us exchange students so we could use our money on other stuff).
The whole time that we were there, the other students were talking about some party and told me to come too. I didn't know what they were talking about so I went home and looked through that bunch of random papers I had placed on my laundry basket.

I knew that I had got an invite a few days ago for the Halloween party but I hadn't payed attention to the blue one that said "It's a party!". Doug stayed home while Rebecca, Sondra, and I drove Norman to work. After that we went out to buy some candy (I didn't really know any of the b-day kids) and went to the party. Here I met some of the other exchange students from the school nearby (Lompoc High) and some of their friends; Aubrey and Gabriel. They were really nice :P
I hadn't had the best day yesterday so meeting these two people really made my day.

As we were sitting at the table a random woman came over, pointed at each one of us and asked where we were from. We ended up talking and it turned out that she was the host mom of a Vietnamese student, Hong, who also came late. Just like me! We started talking about the bad sides of coming late. When I told her about my situation she interrupted me and told me that she actually had picked me first (Before the Perkins that I live with now) but had to let go of me again as my papers said that I was allergic to cats. (I'm not. The Perkins has Atka).
It made me think... What would my life have been like if I had stayed with her family?
She knew Rebecca and when we were about to leave, she told her that she really liked me and that they would invite us over at some point to have dinner and so I could get to meet some of the other kids there. (Since I live on base it's really hard to get friends and on their street they have 4 exchange students living. They can just go visit each others back and forth).
I'm really excited for that :)

So far I don't really have plans for this week. One of the days I will get a package from my parents back in Denmark but I don't know what's in it. They won't tell me =____="
Also, a woman will come over this Friday and make sure that I live in "healthy and clean conditions" (Just like she did with the Belgium student Cedric), so I better go clean! :O
(NAH my house here in fine already).

Atka this morning:

October 14, 2012

Spending the day~

So as promised I am back! 

(And I have turned turquoise!).
Tomorrow morning some woman will pick me and the other exchange students up so we can go somewhere and have our senior pictures taken - Aaaand that's why I'm wearing this facemask. Me likey soft skin :3

Oh and and...
I want to tell you about my first real american sleepover but first I will complain! 

So today I went to the Commissary (Some kind of supermarket here in base) with Norman and Rebecca. As we enter we meet a woman holding a big sign saying "100% ID check in progress". Now I've seen those signs in the evening when we've been out of town - Norman and Rebecca would have to show their IDs at the gate as we would enter the base... BUT I have NEVER seen that sign at the commissary. Nooooow since I'm an exchange student I don't really have an ID but my passport (That I do NOT want to carry around - Just imagine if I lost it! :O) and my school ID. Now since it's Saturday and I haven't been out of base there should be no reason to carry around my school ID (That I only use when I have to get on the school bus in the mornings), right?

So there I am, unsuspectingly, going to the Commissary with my host parents as we meet that woman. She won't let me in since I didn't bring an ID (which I don't really have), however, she tells us that she will only have to stay there for 5 more minutes and that she actually not allowed to tell us that. Considering the stupidity of the whole situation, Norman tries to talk to her - Guess what she says?

"Well she could be a terrorist!"
"No, not with me here on base" Norman said.
"Well there could be terrorists here on base!"

Well excuse me lady! Are you accusing me for being a terrorist? Firstly, If that was true I'm pretty sure I would already have blown up something by now - Not stay 1 whole month in America.
Secondly, If (IF!) I was a terrorist (Which I'm not)I'm pretty sure I would have tried to bomb something that would have been just a little bigger than a random supermarket.
Thirdly, IF I was actually a terrorist... and I was already on base... the security at the gates would suck and if I could get through that security without anybody stopping me... Some random ID check at the supermarket wouldn't stop me. Just saying.

Oh and do you know what happened? After a couple of minutes of standing there she's like "30 seconds". AND then after 30 seconds she moves and lets us pass her. THE HECK?!?! 5 minutes of standing there and now I can enter? GREAT! Now if I had been a terrorist I could have blown up the whole place by now. It's not that letting me wait 5 minutes would stop me from blowing up that place (If I had actually been a terrorist).  =_____=

I know it just sounds like complaining and that I don't want to wait 5 minutes. It's no big deal really. I have a lot of patience. However, what bugs me is the idea of it. What's the point of it?!? Gosh... But yeah now I've tried being suspected for being a terrorist.
Point of the story: No ID = TERRORIST!
(See the stupidity here?)

Aaaaanyways! I wanted to tell you about my first ever American sleepover!
(Mainly because my family wanted to hear about it).

We had everything a sleepover needed! For dinner we had little mini pizzas that we were eating while watching The Hunger Games. After that we had banana splits..

(Gosh I wish we had more of that *-*)

Isn't she lovely? And WEIRD?! :D I'm PROUD to call her my friend!

We stayed up for hours while talking and I got to hear her background story. (Now I believe that if you know a person's background story, you will be able to understand every single tiny action they do). Besides... Have you ever met a person where you ended up thinking that they deserve way more respect than they get? It's a strange feeling but I Ryan is a great girl. Even though I'm only here for 8 more months (Oh my gosh one month already passed!) I'll try my hardest to make her happy. She deserves it.
At 2am we got tired and went to sleep on the couch (it sounds uncomfortable but it was really soft!). Then today we (Rebecca, Sondra, Ryan, and I) went to the pool here on base to swim and tan. Well they tried to tan, I was hiding under my towel. After that we went to get some food AAAAND then we went bowling :P It was a fun day and I think Ryan had fun. I really hope so.
We already have creepy little inside jokes and little evil plans on how to creep her boyfriend out. This is the beginning of a great friendship!

Atka bonus!
 Today it was my turn to stalk - I just couldn't stand this picture. It's so freaking cute! Ohmygosh! :O.

October 13, 2012

Sleepover with Ryan :D

This week was short! (Well that's at least how I feel).
Monday was Columbus Day and my cheerleader coaches used that as an excuse to take a day a day off from practice.

Tuesday was the day I was chosen as the "Student of the month!" in my ROP class (Communication Technology something. Basically a computer class), for catching up in less than a month!

On Wednesday I was being pulled out of classes to go take some tests - In California it's required by law that any student who does not speak English at home (or just those who has a 2nd language) will take a test to show if their English is developing. It includes a speaking part, a reading part, and a listening part.

Thursday I had yet one of those days. I was being pulled out of drama class and went to take the test. The last one. When I was done I went back to my next class (English) but saw that all the students were leaving the classroom. Seconds after I heard a voice in the speakers: "Teachers, please release your senior students so they can have their pictures taken for the senior class photo".
We went outside the school, all of us, and had our group picture taken by my Graphic Design teacher, Mr. Schaller. I found a girl that I had met a few times and she invited me to hang out with her and her friends when we were done taking pictures. It turned out that she (Ryan) and I are pretty much alike in certain ways. (AND we both love messing with her boyfriend's hair! >:D).

SOOOOOO right now I'm waiting for Norman to come back home and fetch me so we can go to Ryan's house and fetch her up - We're having a sleepover! I'm so excited!! :D The funny thing is that Thursday was the day I had been here for one month and also the day that I made my very first official "friend".
I will see if I can get away with taking a few pictures so I can show her to you guys :P
 (See the girl in the back? YEAP that's her!).

I'm sorry that today's post is kinda short but I will make a new one tomorrow. I'm under time pressure  right now so I better go get ready :P To make up for the short post I here bring you a random fact!

Random fact: Boanthropy is a psychological disorder in which a human is convinced that they are an ox.

October 6, 2012


Wednesday I stayed after school with the cheerleaders. We were in the cheer room making big banners for the Homecoming parade Thursday.
Here you got one of the cheerleaders, Jayden, writing on the first one.

(See the girl in the striped? That is Ashley, one of the most nicest girls I have ever met. She was also nominated for Homecoming Queen).
My beautiful star c: Only the senior cheerleaders had these and we were going to put them om the car that we would be sitting in during the parade. 

Wednesday was also the day that the power went out in Lompoc. From when we first came to school (7.30am) until 5 minutes before the bell rang during my last class the electricity was out. Some guy had hit one of the electricity poles with his car and apparently that's what caused it. Now the day was kind of funny.. Between classes the teacher would come out with those sprayable horns (you know what I mean!) and yell at us - BUUUUUT there was 94 degrees Fahrenheit (around 33 degrees Celcius I guess) and it was freaking hot! We were all about to die and no matter where you went outside, the places with shadow available would be crowded with students. 
I have 2 computer classes and since there was no electricity - Nothing to do. 

When I came home I found this on my bed..

My host mom always buys us little stuff. I'm being treated way too good over here :P She bought me vitamins (YAY!), glow-in-the-dark (AND STARSHAPED!!!) earrings, and a facemask so I can be 110% ready for homecoming this Saturday! :D

Thursday was the parade!
After school we put the signs on the car (actually the trailer) and decorated it. It looked great! The parade started in front of the school and we were the first car following the orchestra that was leading the whole thing. After us came two big firetrucks with the rest of the cheerleaders on, the football players, the ASB students (Don't ask me what that is), the volleyball team and so on. I couldn't bring my phone but I know that one of the teachers came to take pictures. I will update later :D
It was a GREAT experience... words can't describe how I felt. It was like being in a movie! Everybody loved the parade and I couldn't stop smiling for just 5 seconds.

After we had cleaned up we went to Coach Lisa's house where we were hosting a dinner (Homecoming dinner) for the football team. The food was soooooo yummy and everybody had fun. Now Americans can't drink at this age so instead they were playing weird games (Americans are crazy I tell you but I love them for it!). Some threw water at the others and we sat down by the fireplace and had smores (crackers with melted marshmallow and chocolate inside). I had 3 people watching me as I took the first bite since this was the first time EVER that I had had a smore. And to everybody who has never had had it - You're missing out BIG TIME! :OO HEAVEN´ I TELL YOU!

Friday (Today) was Alien & Neon day. They were supposed to be on different days but for some strange reason they moved it.

It's the cheerleaders' job to spread the school spirit so our coach told us that we could 1) Wear our uniforms (That I don't have yet) or 2) Go all neon/alien'ish! I really didn't have a choice so I woke up early and did some eye makeup :P Sondra was neon too! 

All day I had people commenting that they loved my eyes, or "nice look!" and so on. Even my teachers called me cute. Back in Denmark this would have been way too much but in California it doesn't matter! EVERYBODY go crazy! Half of the school today were wearing neon and some even had antennas :D 

Norman invited me to come watch How to train your dragon but I'm not done with the dress yet. Gotta finish up my stuff for tomorrow :P See ya people!!

 Stalker Atka as usual!

October 2, 2012

Shopping and Picnic :P

Saturday Rebecca, Sondra, and I went shopping in Santa Maria to find the last stuff for homecoming.
I got my paint, my rhinestones, my bond etc. and Sondra got her stuff too! We're good to go! (Almost..)

We went to a store called "Halloween City" which is one of the most creepy stores I have ever been to. There was this section of the store that was totally covered in fog and you could hear loud creepy music and screams - While Rebecca and Sondra were looking at some fairy wings I went to investigate!
I wanted to know where the fog came from and I found the answer...

See the zombie at the floor with the long arms? That's the guy! Now... I found him kind of creepy but THIS guy was what creeped me out the most!

(Yeeeah... I didn't stay in that section for long after meeting this guy).

I wish I could describe the creepy atmosphere better but.. you'd have to be there - Instead I found this short video for you. (If the video is too laggy you can maximize it, that will work).

We went to have lunch at Rebecca's favorite cafe -  Natural Cafe.
Since California is next to Mexico they have a lot of Mexican and Hispanic people aaaand in those cultures they have very spicy food. My taco was a weird mix between spicy chicken, mustard, and salat - Honestly.. I didn't like it that much buuuuuuut my shake was great! Milk, chocolate, and whipped cream. Sondra had one with peanutbutter in it :O (See, peanutbutter everywhere!).

(Oooooh and look at my awesome black nachos!)
It was hot that day (Well at least I thought that) so a shake was just what I needed.

It would get hotter though!
Sunday we went to the exchange picnic in Obispo in some park. We were maybe +100 people and 30-40 of us were exchange students. We were playing games, had some yummy food, and introduced our families to the other peopel. Oh and and! We wore these sexy name tags too
 I didn't really get to talk to any of them but they seemed really nice. My family and I left early.. I wished we could've stayed there for longer but.. :/ Let's hope they will do this again.

Today a heatwave hit us and we had 96 degrees Fahrenheit (35,5 degrees Celsius)! Too hot!!! Tomorrow should be around the same temperature.. better find my shorts. Yeap, this is California!