October 20, 2012

1 Week Friendship Anniversary, Sabine, and BBQ at Ms. Gray's

Wednesday I finally felt better and went to school! (Lucky me, we had 92°F / 33°C. I would have DIED with a fever in this weather). 

This week was "National Design Week" so I spent my time during lunch in the Design room. I had planned to meet up with Ryan and her boyfriend there as we would be doing a mural today (A drawing/painting over a big area). Tuesday night she had posted a picture on my Facebook wall saying "HAPPY 1 WEEK ANNIVERSARY!" (Because we have now "officially" been friends for a week) so I thought I'd continue the joke by giving her a gift. Sadly I hadn't had time to get a real gift for her so I had spent my English class making her one of my lucky stars. In the end she turned out being the most awesome one of us .... She brought me flowers, dead flowers though... Thanks to the weather.

We grabbed some lunch and joined the mural. "Summer in Zombie Beach" was the theme and everybody were drawing zombies/zombie stuff. Ryan and I made a zombie cloud and when we were finished we spent the rest of lunch creeping out her boyfriend :P

As I stepped in in my 7th period (My Graphic Design class) some guy that I had NEVER talked to came up to me and was all like: "Hey where were you? I realized you had been gone the last two days. Blablabla bla. [Insert random English words here]." and he ended the stream of questions with "Did you die?". Yes, yes I died little guy. We ended up chit-chatting and he told me his name was Bob, being the crimerider I am I call him James instead.

Also, I think my accent is getting better.

Nothing much happened Thursday... nor today. What I remember the most would be my history class - People in there always brighten up the day. These days we're reading about how Alaska and Hawaii became part of the United States. We have been discussing the reasons why America took over Hawaii and so today Mr. Withrow (History teacher) asks: "Why did we take over Hawaii?" when, all of a sudden, one of the guys shouts: "MANGOS!!!" whereafter people join in and go "PINEAPPLES!"... Yes, my classmates are geniuses but they sure can make me laugh :D

Except for the mango-loving classmates I had a guy (A guy...) fangirling (FANGIRLING I TELL YOU!!!) over me during Graphic Design class... I think my accent is getting better since the reason for this "fangirling" was the fact that I'm foreign. And he just found out. Nice job little guy... I've only been here for like 5 weeks now. So when he was.. partly done freaking out he pointed at his book and made me read a certain sentence in Danish. When I finished I looked up back at him and ...
Pretty much his reaction... o.O

In the evening I went with my host mom Rebecca to her bookclub. She works at the library and this one woman (Her name is Sabine and she turns out being Danish) always comes by. When she heard that my mom had a Danish girl at her house she got really excited and asked her to bring me to the bookclub so her and I could meet. They weren't talking about books when we came there but we arrived just in time for the movie they were watching. When it was done we got up and split up into little chit-chatting groups. Sabine, my host mom, and I were all in the same group and we got to explain a whole lot about Denmark and share knowledge about America so far. When we left, Sabine made sure that we had her number and she then told me that, if I felt like speaking Danish and having Danish food, I could always call her and then both of our families could have dinner together :) She was really nice and the best thing is... She's from Haderslev which is a city that is really close to my hometown :P It's nice to hear an accent that is so similar to mine.

Tonight I don't really have any plans but tomorrow morning I'm going with my sister Sondra to the Youth Center here on base so she can hang out with some friends.. I'm mostly just going to be there so she won't be alone. At... 11am or so we will go to Ms. Gray's house to meet up with the other exchange students and their families and just hang out and eat. Ms. Gray is the teacher at my school who takes care of the exchange students and it's a yearly tradition. I'm looking forward to that :)

Atka bonus!
So besides stalking me 24/7 Atka now found out that he wanted to be a model..
"Draw me like one of your French girls, purr"
 "Look at me human! I'm stalking you!"
 "Uuh wait... is that a camera?!" *Cute kitty model mode: ON!*
 "Oh yeah... I'm so sexy"
"Ugh this is hard work.. Time for a break"

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