October 6, 2012


Wednesday I stayed after school with the cheerleaders. We were in the cheer room making big banners for the Homecoming parade Thursday.
Here you got one of the cheerleaders, Jayden, writing on the first one.

(See the girl in the striped? That is Ashley, one of the most nicest girls I have ever met. She was also nominated for Homecoming Queen).
My beautiful star c: Only the senior cheerleaders had these and we were going to put them om the car that we would be sitting in during the parade. 

Wednesday was also the day that the power went out in Lompoc. From when we first came to school (7.30am) until 5 minutes before the bell rang during my last class the electricity was out. Some guy had hit one of the electricity poles with his car and apparently that's what caused it. Now the day was kind of funny.. Between classes the teacher would come out with those sprayable horns (you know what I mean!) and yell at us - BUUUUUT there was 94 degrees Fahrenheit (around 33 degrees Celcius I guess) and it was freaking hot! We were all about to die and no matter where you went outside, the places with shadow available would be crowded with students. 
I have 2 computer classes and since there was no electricity - Nothing to do. 

When I came home I found this on my bed..

My host mom always buys us little stuff. I'm being treated way too good over here :P She bought me vitamins (YAY!), glow-in-the-dark (AND STARSHAPED!!!) earrings, and a facemask so I can be 110% ready for homecoming this Saturday! :D

Thursday was the parade!
After school we put the signs on the car (actually the trailer) and decorated it. It looked great! The parade started in front of the school and we were the first car following the orchestra that was leading the whole thing. After us came two big firetrucks with the rest of the cheerleaders on, the football players, the ASB students (Don't ask me what that is), the volleyball team and so on. I couldn't bring my phone but I know that one of the teachers came to take pictures. I will update later :D
It was a GREAT experience... words can't describe how I felt. It was like being in a movie! Everybody loved the parade and I couldn't stop smiling for just 5 seconds.

After we had cleaned up we went to Coach Lisa's house where we were hosting a dinner (Homecoming dinner) for the football team. The food was soooooo yummy and everybody had fun. Now Americans can't drink at this age so instead they were playing weird games (Americans are crazy I tell you but I love them for it!). Some threw water at the others and we sat down by the fireplace and had smores (crackers with melted marshmallow and chocolate inside). I had 3 people watching me as I took the first bite since this was the first time EVER that I had had a smore. And to everybody who has never had had it - You're missing out BIG TIME! :OO HEAVEN´ I TELL YOU!

Friday (Today) was Alien & Neon day. They were supposed to be on different days but for some strange reason they moved it.

It's the cheerleaders' job to spread the school spirit so our coach told us that we could 1) Wear our uniforms (That I don't have yet) or 2) Go all neon/alien'ish! I really didn't have a choice so I woke up early and did some eye makeup :P Sondra was neon too! 

All day I had people commenting that they loved my eyes, or "nice look!" and so on. Even my teachers called me cute. Back in Denmark this would have been way too much but in California it doesn't matter! EVERYBODY go crazy! Half of the school today were wearing neon and some even had antennas :D 

Norman invited me to come watch How to train your dragon but I'm not done with the dress yet. Gotta finish up my stuff for tomorrow :P See ya people!!

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  1. omg det lyder bare som om du har det for fed derover i den amerikanske land K :ii
    og jeg freaking elsker den kat :'--DD!!

  2. Jeg udlever min drøm men der er ingen K her :ii <3 IKR?! Han er såååååååå dejlig!