October 15, 2012

I'm sick -____-"

As I’m sitting here my sister is at school. “Why are you not?” you may ask. The answer is that I’m sick -___-
I woke up early (as usually), got ready, and went back to my room to relax a little before my sister woke up. However, around that time I felt really really bad. I had nausea and felt like my stomach was about to kill me every time I took a breath (or stood up straight).
When my sister found out that I had a fever, she left for the school bus and told me to stay home and explain to our parents why I was still at home. Norman had had a night shift so Rebecca went to fetch him. When they came home I was still sitting on my bed and I was told to go to bed. After a 4 hours nap I woke up and Rebecca made me chicken-broth soup (I have never had that before. Apparently it’s something that many Americans eat when they’re sick). It was basically just hot water with leaves in it… and it had a very strong odor. I didn't like the first few sips but it got better as I got used to the taste.

(Not exactly appealing)
 (It looks black'ish but actually it was a transparent'ish yellow/green soup).
 The aftertaste wasn't the best but I think it worked. At least my throat feels a little better now.

Sunday I was picked up by a really nice lady named Carol Fox. She drove me and the other exchange students to some place in the woods to take our Senior pictures. (We went with her because she would take cheaper pictures for us exchange students so we could use our money on other stuff).
The whole time that we were there, the other students were talking about some party and told me to come too. I didn't know what they were talking about so I went home and looked through that bunch of random papers I had placed on my laundry basket.

I knew that I had got an invite a few days ago for the Halloween party but I hadn't payed attention to the blue one that said "It's a party!". Doug stayed home while Rebecca, Sondra, and I drove Norman to work. After that we went out to buy some candy (I didn't really know any of the b-day kids) and went to the party. Here I met some of the other exchange students from the school nearby (Lompoc High) and some of their friends; Aubrey and Gabriel. They were really nice :P
I hadn't had the best day yesterday so meeting these two people really made my day.

As we were sitting at the table a random woman came over, pointed at each one of us and asked where we were from. We ended up talking and it turned out that she was the host mom of a Vietnamese student, Hong, who also came late. Just like me! We started talking about the bad sides of coming late. When I told her about my situation she interrupted me and told me that she actually had picked me first (Before the Perkins that I live with now) but had to let go of me again as my papers said that I was allergic to cats. (I'm not. The Perkins has Atka).
It made me think... What would my life have been like if I had stayed with her family?
She knew Rebecca and when we were about to leave, she told her that she really liked me and that they would invite us over at some point to have dinner and so I could get to meet some of the other kids there. (Since I live on base it's really hard to get friends and on their street they have 4 exchange students living. They can just go visit each others back and forth).
I'm really excited for that :)

So far I don't really have plans for this week. One of the days I will get a package from my parents back in Denmark but I don't know what's in it. They won't tell me =____="
Also, a woman will come over this Friday and make sure that I live in "healthy and clean conditions" (Just like she did with the Belgium student Cedric), so I better go clean! :O
(NAH my house here in fine already).

Atka this morning:

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