October 2, 2012

Shopping and Picnic :P

Saturday Rebecca, Sondra, and I went shopping in Santa Maria to find the last stuff for homecoming.
I got my paint, my rhinestones, my bond etc. and Sondra got her stuff too! We're good to go! (Almost..)

We went to a store called "Halloween City" which is one of the most creepy stores I have ever been to. There was this section of the store that was totally covered in fog and you could hear loud creepy music and screams - While Rebecca and Sondra were looking at some fairy wings I went to investigate!
I wanted to know where the fog came from and I found the answer...

See the zombie at the floor with the long arms? That's the guy! Now... I found him kind of creepy but THIS guy was what creeped me out the most!

(Yeeeah... I didn't stay in that section for long after meeting this guy).

I wish I could describe the creepy atmosphere better but.. you'd have to be there - Instead I found this short video for you. (If the video is too laggy you can maximize it, that will work).

We went to have lunch at Rebecca's favorite cafe -  Natural Cafe.
Since California is next to Mexico they have a lot of Mexican and Hispanic people aaaand in those cultures they have very spicy food. My taco was a weird mix between spicy chicken, mustard, and salat - Honestly.. I didn't like it that much buuuuuuut my shake was great! Milk, chocolate, and whipped cream. Sondra had one with peanutbutter in it :O (See, peanutbutter everywhere!).

(Oooooh and look at my awesome black nachos!)
It was hot that day (Well at least I thought that) so a shake was just what I needed.

It would get hotter though!
Sunday we went to the exchange picnic in Obispo in some park. We were maybe +100 people and 30-40 of us were exchange students. We were playing games, had some yummy food, and introduced our families to the other peopel. Oh and and! We wore these sexy name tags too
 I didn't really get to talk to any of them but they seemed really nice. My family and I left early.. I wished we could've stayed there for longer but.. :/ Let's hope they will do this again.

Today a heatwave hit us and we had 96 degrees Fahrenheit (35,5 degrees Celsius)! Too hot!!! Tomorrow should be around the same temperature.. better find my shorts. Yeap, this is California!

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