October 13, 2012

Sleepover with Ryan :D

This week was short! (Well that's at least how I feel).
Monday was Columbus Day and my cheerleader coaches used that as an excuse to take a day a day off from practice.

Tuesday was the day I was chosen as the "Student of the month!" in my ROP class (Communication Technology something. Basically a computer class), for catching up in less than a month!

On Wednesday I was being pulled out of classes to go take some tests - In California it's required by law that any student who does not speak English at home (or just those who has a 2nd language) will take a test to show if their English is developing. It includes a speaking part, a reading part, and a listening part.

Thursday I had yet one of those days. I was being pulled out of drama class and went to take the test. The last one. When I was done I went back to my next class (English) but saw that all the students were leaving the classroom. Seconds after I heard a voice in the speakers: "Teachers, please release your senior students so they can have their pictures taken for the senior class photo".
We went outside the school, all of us, and had our group picture taken by my Graphic Design teacher, Mr. Schaller. I found a girl that I had met a few times and she invited me to hang out with her and her friends when we were done taking pictures. It turned out that she (Ryan) and I are pretty much alike in certain ways. (AND we both love messing with her boyfriend's hair! >:D).

SOOOOOO right now I'm waiting for Norman to come back home and fetch me so we can go to Ryan's house and fetch her up - We're having a sleepover! I'm so excited!! :D The funny thing is that Thursday was the day I had been here for one month and also the day that I made my very first official "friend".
I will see if I can get away with taking a few pictures so I can show her to you guys :P
 (See the girl in the back? YEAP that's her!).

I'm sorry that today's post is kinda short but I will make a new one tomorrow. I'm under time pressure  right now so I better go get ready :P To make up for the short post I here bring you a random fact!

Random fact: Boanthropy is a psychological disorder in which a human is convinced that they are an ox.

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