October 14, 2012

Spending the day~

So as promised I am back! 

(And I have turned turquoise!).
Tomorrow morning some woman will pick me and the other exchange students up so we can go somewhere and have our senior pictures taken - Aaaand that's why I'm wearing this facemask. Me likey soft skin :3

Oh and and...
I want to tell you about my first real american sleepover but first I will complain! 

So today I went to the Commissary (Some kind of supermarket here in base) with Norman and Rebecca. As we enter we meet a woman holding a big sign saying "100% ID check in progress". Now I've seen those signs in the evening when we've been out of town - Norman and Rebecca would have to show their IDs at the gate as we would enter the base... BUT I have NEVER seen that sign at the commissary. Nooooow since I'm an exchange student I don't really have an ID but my passport (That I do NOT want to carry around - Just imagine if I lost it! :O) and my school ID. Now since it's Saturday and I haven't been out of base there should be no reason to carry around my school ID (That I only use when I have to get on the school bus in the mornings), right?

So there I am, unsuspectingly, going to the Commissary with my host parents as we meet that woman. She won't let me in since I didn't bring an ID (which I don't really have), however, she tells us that she will only have to stay there for 5 more minutes and that she actually not allowed to tell us that. Considering the stupidity of the whole situation, Norman tries to talk to her - Guess what she says?

"Well she could be a terrorist!"
"No, not with me here on base" Norman said.
"Well there could be terrorists here on base!"

Well excuse me lady! Are you accusing me for being a terrorist? Firstly, If that was true I'm pretty sure I would already have blown up something by now - Not stay 1 whole month in America.
Secondly, If (IF!) I was a terrorist (Which I'm not)I'm pretty sure I would have tried to bomb something that would have been just a little bigger than a random supermarket.
Thirdly, IF I was actually a terrorist... and I was already on base... the security at the gates would suck and if I could get through that security without anybody stopping me... Some random ID check at the supermarket wouldn't stop me. Just saying.

Oh and do you know what happened? After a couple of minutes of standing there she's like "30 seconds". AND then after 30 seconds she moves and lets us pass her. THE HECK?!?! 5 minutes of standing there and now I can enter? GREAT! Now if I had been a terrorist I could have blown up the whole place by now. It's not that letting me wait 5 minutes would stop me from blowing up that place (If I had actually been a terrorist).  =_____=

I know it just sounds like complaining and that I don't want to wait 5 minutes. It's no big deal really. I have a lot of patience. However, what bugs me is the idea of it. What's the point of it?!? Gosh... But yeah now I've tried being suspected for being a terrorist.
Point of the story: No ID = TERRORIST!
(See the stupidity here?)

Aaaaanyways! I wanted to tell you about my first ever American sleepover!
(Mainly because my family wanted to hear about it).

We had everything a sleepover needed! For dinner we had little mini pizzas that we were eating while watching The Hunger Games. After that we had banana splits..

(Gosh I wish we had more of that *-*)

Isn't she lovely? And WEIRD?! :D I'm PROUD to call her my friend!

We stayed up for hours while talking and I got to hear her background story. (Now I believe that if you know a person's background story, you will be able to understand every single tiny action they do). Besides... Have you ever met a person where you ended up thinking that they deserve way more respect than they get? It's a strange feeling but I Ryan is a great girl. Even though I'm only here for 8 more months (Oh my gosh one month already passed!) I'll try my hardest to make her happy. She deserves it.
At 2am we got tired and went to sleep on the couch (it sounds uncomfortable but it was really soft!). Then today we (Rebecca, Sondra, Ryan, and I) went to the pool here on base to swim and tan. Well they tried to tan, I was hiding under my towel. After that we went to get some food AAAAND then we went bowling :P It was a fun day and I think Ryan had fun. I really hope so.
We already have creepy little inside jokes and little evil plans on how to creep her boyfriend out. This is the beginning of a great friendship!

Atka bonus!
 Today it was my turn to stalk - I just couldn't stand this picture. It's so freaking cute! Ohmygosh! :O.

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