October 27, 2012

Spirit Days and The Big Game!

Thursday Meg picked me, Chloe, Hendrik, and Sondra up after school. First she treated us McDonald's and then we went to Wallmart to get Hendrik a costume for the Halloween party at Edson and Elisa's this Sunday :)

After that we went to Cedric's house (The other exchange student from Belgium) to prepare a surprise party.. well actually we just went there.. his host parents had already prepared. Sadly he had seen some of the decorations and then his parents had told him to walk the dog.. Like they never do so of course he knew something was up.
It was his 18th birthday and for Europeans that's pretty much of a big day.. The party was okay but there was an awkward silence.. I felt kinda bad for him. I wouldn't want my 18th birthday to be like that :/
While we were there Cedric and some girls forced Francois to play the piano ... It was AMAZING!! :O He was playing Scary Monsters by Skrillex... Dubsteb... on the piano?!
I wish I had recorded it.. I totally fell in love with that song and he did it perfectly.. I found this video on Youtube with a cover of the same song. Go listen to it then you'll know what I mean o.O

SO! Next week!!!
Next week is the Spirit Days! Why? Because next week is the BIG GAME against Lompoc High!!! :D (Our rival school) and even people who doesn't go to the schools or just doesn't care about football games will go to this because IT IS SUCH A BIG THING :O! This is the last football game in this season and lucky little me get to be a part of it! :) Now as a cheerleader we are also the ones that are going to be leading the Spirit Days. So how can we do that? We get to DRESS UP!! :D
Next week is going to be crazy and I will be busy all the time as you may see on my schedule:

So yeap.. I will be busy almost every day after school... even BEFORE school at 4am on the big game day :o

Now to the point! We (from Cabrillo High) are The Conquistadores and The Braves are from Lompoc.. And the Spirit Days age pretty much just days where we dress up differently every day to raise the spirit before the Big Game on Friday night :P

I'm SO looking forward to just wearing my pajamas to school this Monday :P
Go Conquistadores and happy Spirit Days!!

Stalker kitty extras:

 This picture was taken this morning and RIGHT after I took it he jumped into my...
Drawer =_______=
This one was just too cute for me to NOT upload.. 
But of course I'm not as good a stalker as he is..

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