October 28, 2012

The Lompocalypse!

Yesterday I went to the 3rd annual Zombie Walk in Lompoc (Or the “Lompocalypse” as they like to call it) with my family. We went to a parking lot outside some café at 5pm to get our faces zombified. Here we met the Belgium exchange student Cedric and his host father.
Since my family had been in a rush I hadn't had time to do my make-up so I ended up being painted too by a little guy. He was pretty good at it though and he made it look like my skin was like super dry and falling off o.O
At 6pm they started counting down and after 10 seconds the whole crowd started moving. We went to walk down what they call H-street with some hundred more people. (I love how Americans act like their roles.. if this would have been back in Denmark, people would have thought it’d be awkward but here you would hear people growling, screaming, and craving for brains... like it was the most normal thing to do). 
 Me, Sondra, and Cedric~

While they did this they would all be flaring with their arms and walk like their legs were about to fall off. Whenever we got to a crossing we would patiently wait in a big growling crowd and when we could pass the streets, people would casually run up to cars and pretend to attack the people inside them. Beside the sidewalk we had people standing with their cameras and record and take pictures..  
EDIT: I found this video on Youtube.. but that's the only one so far.
Oh and it's in HD so.. go watch it as that. The quality I'm watching it in sucks. 
At 2:00 you can see a dark haired guy in a white shirt in the upper right corner. I'm the blonde girl with blood all over my face to his right :P We're passing the camera between 2:00-2:18.

When people passed us in their cars they would honk and people would respond by walking in the cars’ direction while yelling and screaming.
Oh and my favorite parts.. At some point when we came to a crossing there was a man yelling:
“What do we want?!”
BraaaaaainzzZzzz… The crowd would answer.
“When do we want it?!?”

At the next crossing we ended up standing outside a parking lot again and this time one of the cars were playing Thriller.. When the crowd heard this we started dancing and soon you had a few hundred zombies doing the thriller moves while waiting for the sign to switch.

Cedric had done his make-up himself and he was really proud. I must admit, it was pretty neat.

 The girls~ 

(I love this one) 

The walk ended at  a Veterinary's church that had been transformed into a haunted house. All 5 of us went inside and before that I had told Cedric and Sondra that I was REALLY bad at scary stuff... I ended up having Cedric holding my shoulders and screaming behind me all the time -.- And when people would jump out in front of us with big knives he would use me as a shield... Soooo macho right?

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