October 25, 2012

What day was it again?

I don't even remember what I did last week other than the earthquake drill, the movie night, and the BBQ.
Now the earthquake drill was a Wednesday.. I was in Drama class and we all stood around the piano, singing, when the speakers went on: "Goodmorning students! Today Cabrillo High will join the rest of California and [Insert random English here]..... blabla,.. earthquake drill." Few minutes after I found myself and the rest of my class sitting under the tables and chairs o.O That was... different. 
Now the reason for all this worrying is that California is very prone to earthquakes. Earthquakes all the time! But small one... Now every day I go on my Facebook I see commercials for "The Big One". Every 100 years or so, California gets a big "shake" with great magnitude and the last big one was back in 1906 in San Francisco... It's been more than a hundred years so people are freaking out.
Actually.. this night my dad told me that we had had an earthquake Saturday night. It was around 100 miles from here (160 km) and not really strong. Just a few aftershocks... not enough to wake us up.

Friday was some kind of movie night at the library and they had expected all the young people here on base to come... It ended up being our family, one other girl who was the daughter of an employee, and then 3 more employees or so... What an awesome way to spend a Friday night. Especially if you, like me, hate being at libraries. But I can't complain though.. it's not that I got more important stuff to do.
The library was decorated to match the "Halloween Night" they were having and they had bought a lot of candy that we could snack with during the movie. We were watching "The Creature from the black lagoon".
 Sondra with the sexy lunchbox that she won...
 Sondra and I with our sexy masks that they handed out before the movie...
 Aaaaand my sexy pizza and strange American candy!! See the glass? That's the eyeball punch. The black bag was filled with candy that pops in your mouth :O

At Saturday we went to Mrs. Gray's house for the BBQ. Francois, Hendrick, Fernando, and Seiya all came but only my dad and Seiya's brothers stayed. Mrs. Gray was nice as always (I really love that woman) and the food was great - The weather wasn't though... We spent the time there talking and later we went inside to play videogames. It was really fun to have some "guy time" for once.. I miss those happy days back in kindergarten. Guys are just more fun, no offence girls!


What day is it again? Today's Wednesday right?... and WHERE THE HECK IS MY NEXT CLASS?!?!
These are questions I've been asking around 50 times a day..

Now this week has been weird, the days have been weird, the people around me have been weird... everything.. And not weird in a nice way!
I'm super stressed because of my cheerleading practice and those 3 English assignments that are due this Friday. I forget a lot of stuff.. even my classes! And I constantly ask people what day it is because I just can't keep up.
My mood has been going down this weekend but it's getting better.. I just want to let out all of my complaints but if I have to do it in English I will have to think... and Lucy no likes that when she's stressed! Grrrr...

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