November 19, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Thanksgiving Break!

About two hours ago I came home from watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 at Edward's Cinemas, Santa Maria, with my sister Sondra, hostmom Rebecca, and my new friend that I met in San Francisco - King King!
The movie was okay but... I was a little bit disappointed with it. It wasn't as exciting as I had expected it to be. Then again, it's not that I really really really wanted to watch it but I wanted to know the ending since I had been watching the other 4 movies with my friends back in Denmark :P

Before we went to the movies, we had been out shopping. Well actually, before that we had been to church (in the morning) whereafter the Pastor had invited the families on a quick Thanksgiving lunch at Olivegarden, Santa Maria. (And if the Pastor invites you, it's seen on as very rude if you decline... Sooo we kinda had to go). Today was also the morning that we got to donate our shoeboxes to project the Christmas project (Basically it's where you buy stuff than you then donate to a random child somewhere in the world so they will have a present for Christmas).
We had gone shopping the day before to fill our boxes with goodies... and while searching for cute stuff for my random little girl, I found some preeeeetty strange stuff o___O
Like these Jesus figures.. Like.. the heck?!

I can't even....
Anyways! I got my little girl theeeeeeese things
And this suuuuper cute owl bag! I was so proud :3

We went to the mall in Santa Maria, where Rebecca left us as she had to drive my host dad and brother back home before our movie started.... So Sondra and I got to spend half an hour walking through random shops and trying on weird stuff :P
Roadtrip roadtrip!!! 

 These are probably the coolest sunglasses you'll ever see

Don't we all?
 So I found an owl mood necklace.. and true to say, I was really excited that it was shaped as an owl... That may explain the purple colour :P

Erhmerged!!!! Look at the green one!!!

Oh and then we found some sexy sleeping masks and hats! 
(Don't mind my weird face. I skipped the makeup today).

Also!!! Thanksgiving is this week so from now on I'm officially on Thanksgiving Break until November 26th!
More posts will come soon as I really will have nothing to do...

[EDIT]: November 19th is the World Toilet Day! (To raise awareness about the importance of latrines and safe disposal of human waste).

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