November 8, 2012

Going to San Francisco!

I'm not going to lie...
I've had some down days lately. It's not that I'm homesick... Heck no, I'm not ready to go home yet! It's not that I miss my family either(And I know you will read this and go "Riiiight" But it's true!). I'm not missing my Fluffy Ball of Death (Aka Snoowey).. Well I could always use him here beside me but I know he's being treated well and therefore I'm not missing him.
Basically I've just been in a bad mood. I'm still sick so that may be one of the factors too - Getting annoyed by the constant coughing maybe? Especially yesterday I had a REALLY bad day. I had a weird feeling from the second I left my bed. I was mad but I didn't know why...
When we got to the school I walked up to my friends' table as usual. As we were talking they noticed something different and I warned them about my being-mad-for-no-reason.

(Look I have Mexican friends!!! Before I went to America I had never seen a Mexican in real life .. I'm proud :3 From left: Pat (whose name means "boob" in Danish), Francisco, and Mattheo).

As the bell rang, Francisco gave me a look and then exclamed:
"I think you need pie!"
"Yeah pie! Portable pie!" and then he handed me this..

The way he said it + the way he was desperately looking for it (but found popcorns instead) saved my morning. I simply couldn't help but smile. I had been looking forward to have it during lunch ... But the half Danish guy, Daniel, ended up eating it -______-
Oh well, at least I got to make another person smile on my bad day.

Enough for the negative stuff now! (Caus' this isn't exactly getting my mood up).
Today is my last day of school this week as I'm going to San Francisco tomorrow morning with my host mom, my host sister, the other exchagne students from my school, and yet some more exchange students from around this area in California. We're going to see a LOT of stuff and I'm really excited! (I'm also hoping this can get my thoughts away from all the "bad things" right now).

I'll be staying there Friday to Sunday and then be back home on Monday which is Veteran's Day - Meaning NO SCHOOL as this is a national holiday!
I will probably be blogging about it on Monday, and since I've promised my friend to take a bunch of pictures, there will hopefully be a lot that I can show you guys :D

So uuh... I guess that's all for now. Peace out guys!
I just got my USB key back from Mrs. Gray so now I'm going to spam you with random pictures!

 Having pizza with the exchange + ASB students during lunch :P

 Mrs. Gray caught us... and I simply LOVE Francois' face in the background!
When we were done eating, we went inside to play video games..
Videogames get me excited when they give me the chance to smash into my sister's car
Seiya, Hendrik, Francois, Fernando, and I~
 Making pumpkins during lunch!
 Hanging out with my friend Ryan, her boyfriend Kevin, my friend Jack, and the other two random guys whose names I don't know :P

Hobo Day!!

Oh and happy Veteran's Day this coming Monday!

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