November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Break is over us

(Warning - This WILL be a negative post. You were warned)

Major SIGH!

Okay so... Now is Thanksgiving Break and I have been STUCK here at home with absolutely NOTHING to do!
-  Both of my parents have been working the last few days - Leaving us home alone. Being home alone can be fun... but NOT in my case!
Since they have both been gone it means that I can't go anywhere. I can't get away from base and I have no friends here ON base. Not even one!... Which leaves me back here lonely. I can't have friends over either because if so, my family would have to pick them up at the visitors' center. Now let's say that they, in some magical way, could get to my home... could I hang out with people then? NO! I cannot have friends over unless my parents have met them. But they're always too busy! GRRR!!! I have a couple of problems with my host family right now but .. today's theme will be on isolation.

But yeah.. then today I finally thought my terrible boredom would end. My good friend King King had some issues with his host family and had to move away - Meanwhile, his coordinator hasn't found him a new family to stay with yet so the past two days he has been living with some temporary family .. UNTIL TODAY!'

Because of the moving and stuff, his new temporary host family had plans for Thanksgiving... without him. At first he was supposed to go to some place (I don't know where that was), where there would be an Italian exchange student, but the two of them didn't really know each others. And since I get along with him pretty well, I asked my host mom if he could come here and have Thanksgiving dinner with us. She thought it was a good idea and said yes right away - But she called his coordinator to make sure that it was okay and that no other host parents would get mad at us for it (in case they secretly had plans for him).
The area coordinator then called my mom back and told her she was soooo happy that she had called and asked if King King could stay here for a few days (until Saturday).
In the end they let him and he came here today.

Oooooof course my host dad had to go all "over-protective" which is fine. I understand. He IS a teenage boy and we aaaaaare teenage girls. But SERIOUSLY! We DO know how to behave ourselves! We DO know not to .. idk.. do drugs, have sex, get drunk, or run away. AND!! We actually ARE able to have male/female friendships going on here. IT IS POSSIBLE IN THE YEAR OF 2012!!!
I'm tired of my host family treating me as a little kid! I'm tired of constantly having to tell them where I am and who I'm with - I'm NOT trying to get in trouble so trust me please? NO! They don't trust me, at all. And I'm tired of this! If there is one way to get me mad, it is by not trusting me.
Heck, last time I was too busy to tell them where I was, they threatened me with grounding! For a week!... Because I didn't have time to write them a stupid text telling them where I was... Even though they knew! They were just too busy to bring me there so I alone had to find a way to get there.

I'm really hoping that King King can make this break more fun... but I doubt it. I'm lucky that I'm even allowed to be in the same room as him. (Which would be the living room with both of my host parents surrounding us. No opportunity to talk here.)

Also, if you're sitting there thinking that I shouldn't complain like this in "public" then mind your own business. This is my way of getting rid of some anger that has been build up the past two months.
Furthermore, this is MY blog, therefore, MY rules! And yes... I should just confront my host family and tell them how I feel right? Heck no! Why should I? They won't listen to me anyways.
In Denmark I was raised to stand up for myself - If I felt mistreated I would tell people and they would give me a chance to explain myself.
Here, in America, I have NOTHING to say. If I just think of trying to defend myself or speak my mind, they will get mad at me, call it back-talking ,and probably ground me.

GOSH! It can't get worse than this. I can't wait till' this week is over!
Lucy out!

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